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Activities’ Duration: 2023 Spring Semester                                                                                                       中文版

Step 1: Add OIA “LINE Official Account” as a Friend 

(1) Scan the QRcode  or   (2) Search OIA's LINE ID: @oianchu


*Please note that OIA has 2 different LINE accounts, if you want to join "My NCHU era" activities (gather points for lottery) , please add this OIA Chinese account as a friend.*

Step 2: Activate Your Line Reward Card

Click “Reward Card(集點卡)” on the menu below.

Step 3: Collect the Points of Reward Card by Joining OIA’s Activities

Once you collect 4 pointsyou will receive:
(1) OIA Gift  (2) 100 Line Points   (3) A Lottery Ticket (The lottery ticket is only available for NCHU students.)

Gift list of the lottery:
Gift 1: TASTy Gift Card*2 (7 winners)
Gift 2: Melting candle lamp & scented candle (7 winners)
Gift 3: MOLIJIA multifunctional non-stick electric soup pot (6 winners)
Gift 4: Caves Books Gift Card, NTD 400 (20 winners)
OIA will announce the award list on our website on June 15, 2023, and inform the awardee by LINE.


Interdepartmental bonus event

You may earn one point if you participate the library's event and complete the task on-site during 16th ~ 18th May.

The library also offers exclusive small gifts for all of the foreign students.

OIA Scheduled Activities in 2023 Spring Semester

※The exact date will be updated continuously, please pay attention to the OIA website.

February Activity Language Object Dates Methods Points
LINK SHARER ╳  PHOTOGRAPHER CH/EN All Students 2/1-3/6 Online 1
LINK Admission Orientation for Foreign Students English Int'l Students 2/7-2/9 Onsite 0
LINK Information Session of NCHU Exchange Program  Chinese All Students 2/15 Onsite 1
LINK OIA Chinese LINE Pop-Up event~  English Int'l Students 2/16-3/3 Online 1
LINK Information Session of NCHU Exchange Program Chinese All Students 2/17 Onsite 1
LINK  Exchange Student Experiences Sharing Chinese All Students 3/3 Onsite 1
LINK International Volunteer Orientation Chinese All Students 3/7 Onsite 1
LINK Exchange Student Experiences Sharing Chinese All Students 3/8 Onsite 1
LINK !!!Fraud Ring Warning!!!Online Scam Prevention - Case sharing English Int'l Students 3/17 Onsite 2
END Team Building Series - Trampoline English Int'l Students 3/20 Onsite 2
LINK Global Movie Series - Indonesia English All Students 3/22 Onsite 1
END Cultural trip - I English Int'l Students 3/25 Onsite 0
LINK 2023 University & Student Application Info Sessions - Departure from NCHU Registration Form English Int'l Students 3/28 Onsite 1
LINK Global Movie Series - India English All Students 3/29 Onsite 1
LINK Global Movie Series - Myanmar English All Students 3/30 Onsite 1
LINK Volunteer for stray animals CH/EN All Students 3/31 - 4/3 Onsite 0
LINK 2023 NCHU Career Talk English Int'l Students 4/14 Onsite 1
END TCUS Cultural Field Trip - I English TCUS Int'l Students 4/15 Onsite 1
END TCUS Cultural Field Trip - II English TCUS Int'l Students 4/23 Onsite 1
LINK Global Movie Series - Pakistan English All Students 4/27 Onsite 1
LINK Stand out;Fit 映 - NCHU film festival CH/EN Faculty & Students 4/28 - 4/29 Onsite 2
END TCUS Cultural Field Trip - III English TCUS Int'l Students 5/6 Onsite 1
END Mother's Day Activities English Int'l Students 5/11 - 5/12 Onsite 1
END Cultural trip - II English Int'l Students 5/13 Onsite 0
END English Kitchen - Sri lanka English Faculty 5/16 Onsite 2
LINK Leftover Food Issue English Int'l Volunteer club Students 5/19 Onsite 0
END Team Building Series - Adventure Learning English Int'l Students 5/20 Onsite 2
  English Kitchen - Pakistan English Faculty 5/23 Onsite 2
LINK Company visit English Int'l Students 5/25 Onsite 2
LINK Interdepartmental Bonus Event:
In Collaboration with the Library
16-18 May 2023, Book Fair【Work Together for SDGs】
CH/EN All Students 5/16-5/18 Onsite 1
  Graduation Ceremony English Int'l Students 6/3 Onsite 0
LINK International Volunteer - India CH/EN All Students 8/7 - 8/21 Onsite 0


★OIA will adjust our schedule/activities constantly in accordance with the Central Pandemic Command Centre's announcement.

★More Information about Student Clubs:

NCHU Int'l Volunteer Club - Facebook

International Pioneer Club FB  - Facebook

Activities over the years

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Contact person: Ms. Angel Li

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