Web Information Security Declaration

The Website prohibits unauthorized persons from taking any action that would compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or usability of the Website. Violators will be dealt with according to the law.The Website has put in place the following security measures to ensure secure and uninterrupted operation of the Website:

● The Website has installed a firewall to limit access to designated ports, thereby preventing illegal intrusion. This prevents illegal use of the Website, and also protects the interests of users.

● Measures have been taken to detect network messages and monitor network traffic, and to block any malicious activity.

● Anti-virus software has been installed to provide users with a secure environment for browsing our webpages.

● Software is used to detect any Website vulnerabilities. It periodically scans the network system for vulnerabilities and takes appropriate measures to correct them.

● Administrators will periodically stage a mock hacker attack on the system and test the procedures in place to restore the system in times of security incidents. These measures ensure uninterrupted operation of the Website.

● Backup operations are carried out daily. All of the information on the Website is saved to a backup system.

● If you have any comment regarding the Website's information security policy, you are welcome to contact us at any time.