NCHU Students Study Abroad
Number Regulation name Date
R1 Regulations for nominating NCHU outbound exchange students to the partner institutions in foreign countries and Mainland China 22nd Jun, 2017


International Students
Number Regulation name Date
R2 National Chung Hsing University Scholarship Regulations for Foreign Degree-seeking Students 6th Jan, 2021
R3 Guidelines for Managing Incoming Non-Degree International Student Affairs 22nd Mar, 2018


Academic Exchange
Number Regulation name Date
R4 NCHU Guidelines for the Application of a Short‐Term Visiting Scholar’s ID Card 27th Feb, 2013
R5 NCHU Regulations for the Organization of EU Center 6th Jan, 2010


Personal Data Protection
Number Regulation name Date
R6 Personal Data Collecting Consent 6th Nov, 2018
R7 Privacy and Security Policy 11st Jun, 2019