Pax Exchange - Academic Programs

Areas of Study

NCHU offers courses taught in Chinese or English in the fields of Liberal Arts, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Veterinary Medicine, Management, Law and Politics, Life Sciences, Science, and Innovation and Industry Liaison. 

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Course Regulations 

PAX students are required to register for at least 2 courses, one of which needs to be from the host department/institute/college. If students wish to take courses taught in Chinese, they must show Chinese proficiency and/or get approval from the course instructor.

Note that 1 credit = 1 hours *18 weeks ( 1 credit ≒ 2 ECTS)


Check out the List of English-taught courses online

NCHU has been dedicated to developing more English courses and programs. There are more than 100 English-taught courses ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D. level offered to international students. Please look up the information via the Course Information System.

If any technical problem occurs, please contact the Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you need a detailed description of courses in a particular field, please contact the respective department directly.

Courses Taught in English
2023 Fall Semester
Science Engineering
Agriculture General / Language
Law Politics Liberal Arts
Management Veterinary Medicine
Life Sciences

Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science

Innovation and Industry 
Academy of Circular Economy  


2024 Spring Semester
Science Engineering
Agriculture General / Language
Life Sciences Law Politics
Management Liberal Arts
Veterinary Medicine Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science

(**The information is only for reference. The courses will change every semester. )


Chinese Courses

Credited Chinese Courses
  • (0943)Practical Chinese(I)- 2022 Fall* Evening Class
  • (0944)Practical Chinese(II) - 2022 Fall
  • (0958)Practical Chinese(I) - 2022 Fall
  • (0959)Practical Chinese(II)- 2022 Fall * Evening Class
  • (0960)Practical Chinese(III) - 2022 Fall
  • (0948)Practical Chinese(III)-2023 Spring
  • (0953)Practical Chinese (II)-2023 Spring* Evening Class
  • (0955)Practical Chinese(I)-2023 Spring
  • (0959)Practical Chinese(II)-2023 Spring

(**The information is only for reference. The courses will change every semester. )

Fee-paying courses

Please refer to the detailed information at the website of NCHU Chinese Language Center

Academic Schedule

NCHU's annual academic schedule starts in September and ends in June.

2022-2023 Academic Calendar

1st Semester (Fall semester)


 School Begins


 Annual Athletic Festival


 University Anniversary / Midterm Exams


 Final Exams / Winter Vacation Begins

2nd Semester (Spring semester)


Chinese New Year / School Begins


Midterm Exams


Commencement Ceremony / Final Exams / Summer Vacation Begins