Once You Are in Taichung - Safety Issues

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Staying Safe

Be sure that you always have an official ID such as ARC or a passport with you. Avoid leaving your backpack, computer, purse, suitcase, or wallet unattended in a public place.

If you plan to travel, get directions before leaving. It is better to ask a bus driver or shopkeeper for directions than asking a stranger. If you needed to walk alone, know where you are going, and pretend confident. If you must take a taxi, please let your friends know the taxi's number. Always keep your cell phone on.

If you want to drive a car or a motorcycle, a driver's license is required in Taiwan. The legal age for having a driver's license is 18. If you are under 18, by law you are not allowed to drive a car or motorcycle.

You do not have to give money or help to street people or strangers. If you choose to give a little money, avoid opening your wallet on the street. Also, when you go to withdraw cash from ATM, be sure to cover the pin number when pressing your pin.

Call 110 if you are having an emergency or have been the victim of a crime.
For fire or ambulance, you should call 119.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol & Tobacco

In Taiwan, the legal drinking and smoking age are 20. It is also illegal to drink and then drive. Smoking or drinking alcohol are prohibited in most buildings on the NCHU campus, and that includes the balcony especially for dormitories.


Other Drugs

Drugs such as Marijuana (pot or weed), magic mushrooms, ecstasy (E), cocaine, heroin, and the likes are illegal and possession of them can carry a penalty that may include jail time. These drugs can seriously harm your physical and psychological health leading to impaired learning. You should refuse the drugs if someone is offered to you.
For more information please check Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act

Scam Call

Be Careful of Fraud Rings!!!
Recently, we received reports from our students who were deceived by fraud rings and caused them to lose lots of money.
We would like to alert every student of these incidents. DO NOT give any information to someone whom you do not know or to any strange phone call that asks to check or asks about your account numbers, your ID number, your birthday, or the spelling of your name. They will give a lot of excuses to ask about your personal banking information.
Please remember, DO NOT just follow the instructions from the strange phone number by answering their questions or process any of your banking affairs even if they said they are from government offices, your banks, or cell phone companies.
You may have two choices:
Choice 1: Hanging up the phone immediately.
Choice 2: Ask their phone numbers and check this phone number with "The Internet Fraud Complaint Center" (The telephone is 165, you can dial directly from a cell phone, too) to make sure this phone call is not from fraud rings.
For more information please check Criminal Invistigation Bureau

Gender Equity Education

Gender Equity Education Committee, NCHU
TEL:04-2284-0222              FAX:04-2285-1649
3rd Fl., Administration Hall, NCHU
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Useful Phone Numbers

NCHU Emergency Call (24 Hours) 04-2287-0050
Emergency TEL - Police 110
Emergency TEL - Fire, Ambulance 119
The Internet Fraud Complaint Center 165
Information For Foreigners 0800-024-111
English Language Directory Assistance 106