【OIA】「My Era of NCHU」Themed Activities


Are you still worried about what activities to participate in this semester?
In order to encourage NCHU students to involve in more international activities and enhance international perspectives, OIA has organized various activities.
From online to physical, from static to dynamic, from campus to off-campus, you are welcome to join in everything.
We look forward to your registration!!

International Culture Exchange (April-May):

April 8: Thailand Songkran (Finished)

Date&Time: 13:00-16:00 April 8 (Thurs.), 2021
Place: The lawn behind the Administration Building
Activity: Opening Show/Blessing Ceremony/Thai Food/Beauty Contest/Splash Water&Lucky Draw
Registration Deadline: March 30 (Up to 50 people)

**Because of water restriction, we prepare new games instead of Splash Water.


May 12: 2021 Study in Europe Days

Date&Time: 13:00-17:00 May 12 (Wed.), 2021
Place: Yun Ping Building B1 Conference Room A and 樂群坊
Activity: Experience Sharing about studying in Europe/ Free consulting and information

May 15: International Fun Games

Date&Time: 13:00-17:00 May 15 (Sat.). 2021
Place: The lawn behind the Administration Building
Activity: Fun games open for Int'l and local students  (60 Int'l students+20 Taiwanese students, 8 People in a team)
Registration Deadline: 7 May 2021
More information: Please bring your own eco tumbler to have free drinks/Snack box will be provided after the event
Registration: Link

**A special《Pop Up Event》will also be held at the same time.


May 17 ~ 21: Charity Sales from International Volunteer Club

Date&Time: 12:00-13:30 May 17 ~ May 21, 2021
Place: Student Center 1st Floor
Activity: Volunteer Introduction, Henna Tattoo, Exotic Foods, and Lucky Draw
More information: Link


Graduation Month (June):

TCUS - Love Expression

Activities: Potted Plants、Love Expression、Thanks
Who can apply: Current international students who are enrolled at TCUS (NCHU, CCU, NCKU, NSYSU)
Apply Timeline: Not Open
Collect Place: OIA of your university
Collect Time: Not Open
More Information: Not Open


《This World,Get Busier》Online Prized-Quiz Part 2

Test Time:  Not Open
Due Date:Not Open
How to redeem your prize:  Not Open


International Activity Recruitment (February-March):

Exchange Student Program (Finished)

Project Purpose:  Study one semester in partner-universities
Application Deadline: 2021.2.22 ~ 3.22
Timeline: February - June 2022

Who Can Apply: 
1.Students with an overall grade point average of 60 or higher, excellent foreign language skills (exempted for Mainland China applicants).
2.Students who meet the requirements of the exchange school.


International Volunteer Program (Finished)

Project Purpose: This year, we start a community service program in Taiwan because of COVID-19.
Application Deadline: 2021.02.22 ~ 2021.03.21
Timeline: 2021.8.01 ~ 8.14
Who Can Apply: NCHU Students


Short-term Camp

Project Purpose: Summer School、Summer Course
Application Deadline: From Now On
Timeline: July-August, 2021 (We will make adjustments depends on the COVID-19 epidemic.)
Who Can Apply: China summer camp is only for Taiwanese students. (New graduates are not allowed to apply to short-term camp.)


Int'l student Buddy Program (Not Open)

Project Purpose: Serve as a buddy
Application Deadline:  Around June 2021
Timeline: 2021.9 - 2022.1
Who Can Apply: Only NCHU Taiwanese students


《This World,Get Busier》Online Prized-Quiz Part 1 (Finished)

How much do you know about international affairs? Test it now and you can gain a small present after completing the quiz。
Project Purpose: Testing your insight into international affairs 
Test Time:   2021.3.2 (AM9:00) ~  3.22 (PM17:00)
Due Date: Come and get your secret present after completing the quiz (Final Deadline: March 26, PM17:00 )
How to redeem your prize: Please come to the OIA office during office hours (Administration Hall,8:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00)


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