Activities for International Student

All Events - 1

Activity Subject Pictures

Welcome Party for 

International student

Know about campus and IPC.

Welcome Party for 

Mainland China student

Know about campus and 

Mainland China Student Association

Culture Visit Know about Taiwan
Graduation Ceremony Graduation Tea Party
Advisor meeting Meet other new friends,buddy, and your professor.
NCUH Anniversary International Student Parade
International Week

We will have different countries to share their culture during this week.
(or at the same day)



All Events - 2

Activity Subject     Pictures
Culture sharing Share the culture with others

Cultural festivals
Winter solstice, Christmas、Hallowen, and so on
Diwali India's biggest and most important holiday of the year
Songkran Festival Celebrate Khmer New Year 
Eid al-Fitr A small gathering after Eid al-Fitr
Farewell Party For Exchange Students and graduate

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