Scholarships - NCHU Scholarships

Sponsor: National Chung Hsing University


Note: NCHU Scholarship divided into two parts: tuition waiver and monthly stipend

1. Tuition waiver:
     a. Partial tuition waiver (the same amount as domestic students)
     b. Full tuition waiver.

***Insurance, accommodation and computer usage fee are not included in the tuition waiver.
2. Monthly stipend:

NT$10,000, NT$8,000 or NT$6,000 / Month 

**Monthly stipend is limited to few appliants, not for everyone.

>>Refer to Regulations for further information.<<


 New students

Application time:

Fall semester: Feb 1st~Mar 31st

Spring semester: Sep 9th~ Oct 15th



All international degree-seeking applicants can apply through admission application system.


Required documents:

Application documents (online)


Apply Website:
Duration of scholarships:

Fall semester: September – Next July 

Spring semester: February- July 

Current Students

Application time:

February – March 31st (will be announced on  OIA website)



*Undergraduate students: cumulative grade point average must be higher than or equal to 70.
*Graduate students: cumulative grade point average must be higher than or equal to 80.
*Applicants who enroll in the Spring semester will be evaluated on their admission application documents.


Required documents:

Scholarship application form (online)
One copy of the transcript (include ranking) (online)
Letter of Agreement/recommend to Apply for NCHU Scholarship filled out and signed by the applicant’s advisor, instructor, or department director (online)


Apply Website:


Duration of scholarships:
August – July next year (reviewed on an annual basis)


The Review Process:

Applications will first be sent to the applicants' departments for review. Then the priority list of students will be sent to the respective colleges. The colleges will then submit the results of their approval process to the National Chung Hsing University Scholarship Review Committee after evaluation. Scholarship recipients will be announced after the President's approval.


The Result Announcement:

Current students and new studnets for Fall semester:Jun 15th

Spring semester: Dec. 18th

The announcement will be sent to students' email. 


OIA Intl’ Students TA-ship Scholarships

Sponsor: National Chung Hsing University



1. Monthly stipend:
2. Eligibility:

Master/Ph.D. foreign students


 Application Process

Application time:

Applications will be held upon applying for admissions


Apply Website(Click here)
Duration of scholarships:

Fall semester: Sep-Dec

Spring semester: Mar-Jun