Exchange Students - Application Procedures

Case 1: Nomination by NCHU for exchange at a partner university.

Step 1: The student who intends to participate in the exchange student program should submit the application documents as specified in the Brief Guide to OIA for approval. 

* A student may participate in the exchange student program twice within the same degree system(ex: Bachelor program/ study, Master Program/ study, and Ph. D. program/ study).

* The fall semester and the spring semester: subject to the information specified in the Guideline posted by NCHU of the year.

Step 2: Evaluation by NCHU Review Committee.
Step 3: Announcement of evaluation results. The nominated exchange student submits the application documents requested by the partner university to OIA.                   

Remarks: The exchange students nominated to study in foreign countries (excluding Mainland China) may apply for the “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad” funded by the Ministry of Education. Please refer to OIA’s website for more details. 


Case 2: Search your own exchange opportunity. (Process everything by yourself.)

If you get admission from a foreign partner university (excluding Mainland China) through the cooperation of the NCHU department or graduate institute, or any other channels, you can still apply for the “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad” if you are eligible. If your application is approved, you will be treated as NCHU's nominated exchange student. NCHU OIA will retain your student status and assist you with military service affairs.

Exchange students receiving admission from partner university: (Please see the "Notice to the overseas study tour students"(only Mandarin) posted by the Ministry of Education)


Step 1 (before going abroad): 

Submit the Confirmation of Admission (Word) to NCHU OIA.

Submit the Reply Form online and a hardcopy (with your own signature) before the announced deadline.


Step 2: Prepare the documents requested by the partner university.

1. Overseas areas:

Please search the website of the partner university for the necessary application documents required for the exchange student program. Note the application deadline requested by the partner university. Deliver the complete application documents to OIA for international shipping at least two weeks prior to the announced deadline. 

2. Mainland China:

Please wait for the brief guide from the partner university in Mainland China. It usually arrives in March or April for the fall semester, and in October or November for the spring semester. Upon receiving, OIA will forward the brief guide to you via e-mail. Be sure to check OIA’s e-mail. After you receive the brief guide, please submit the required documents specified in the brief guide to OIA for shipping.

3. Request commonly made by the partner universities in Mainland China :

  • Health and Medical Record: If there is no specific format, just proceed with your typical medical exam. Blood withdrawal usually needs NPO for 8 hours. Please make an appointment earlier if you want to go to some popular hospitals. It usually takes at least one week to get the report of examination. Therefore, prepare everything earlier after receiving the admission letter. Do not search for a hospital during the last few days because it might delay your application procedure.
  • Insurance Certificate: The partner university usually does not request specific insurance coverage and amount, as long as you are insured during your stay in a foreign country. You may purchase overseas travel accident insurance from a commercial insurance company depending on your needs.


Step 3: Acceptance Letter

1. It will usually take 2~3 months to receive the acceptance letter from the partner university.

2. Most of the partner universities will send the acceptance letters to the OIA while a few might directly send the letters to individual student's home addresses. Once you receive the acceptance letter, please inform the coordinator of OIA so we can proceed with further procedures for you.

3. Before receiving the acceptance letter, please do not take any procedures for going abroad.

4. Once you receive the acceptance letter, please check if all the information is correct (e.g. the spelling of English name, duration of the exchange, etc.).


Step 4: Dormitory

1. Overseas area: The partner university usually provides exchange students with dormitory application information. Dormitory application might occur when you apply for exchange study, or might be notified when you receive the acceptance letter. However, if you want to rent an off-campus student room/apartment, or stay with a host family, please consult the housing office of the partner university.

2. Mainland China: the partner university will arrange a dormitory for all the exchange students.


Step 5: Exit of Draftees

1. When receiving the acceptance letter, the draftee student is requested to visit the website of OIA to download “(Chinese only) List of Draftees Dispatched for Public Affairs or Nominated Exchange Students” in the download area of “Common Forms for Students Going Abroad”, and carefully read the "(Chinese only) Guideline for Exit of Draftees". Draftee student should e-mail the required documents to the coordinator of Military Instructor Office, and contact the coordinator actively for relevant issues.

2. The coordinator of military service will send an official document via e-mail for the draftee to the municipal government office or county/city government office where the applicant has a registered residence. After approval, the municipal government office or county/city government office will send a notice by mail to the applicant’s registered residence. After receiving the notice, the applicant must bring his passport and relevant documents to the municipal government office or county/city government office of his register for getting the exiting approval stamp, and then the draftee is allowed to leave for NCHU's oversea exchange program as scheduled.

3. Under the conditions specified in “List of draftees dispatched for public affairs or nominated exchange students”, the period for a draftee in a foreign country is limited to a maximum of one year. Please fill out the exchange period according to the admissions advice.

4. If a male exchange student intends to study at different universities in the first and second semesters, the coordinator will assist him to apply for the first-semester exit permit. After the first semester, he must return to Taiwan as scheduled and then submit the necessary documents to apply for another exit permit to another university in the second semester.


Step 6: Student status

1. All exchange students must keep the NCHU student status during their stay in foreign countries, and hence still have to complete the registration procedures of NCHU, and pay the registration fee.                                                                                  

 2. OIA will pass the list of exchange students of each semester to the Office of Academic Affairs, therefore the exchange students do not need to select any courses. However, a Master's student must take the course "Master Thesis". During the exchange period, students must take courses equivalent to NCHU 6 credits (108 studying hours) each semester. If the partner university has a limitation for a maximum number of credits, the students have to follow its regulation to select courses. Except for the courses which require special conditions, you can select any courses. * The courses which are approved for exemption by the home department (institute or degree program) will appear on the student’s academic transcript (even if the credit is 0).

3. The exchange student will be treated as the student of the partner university after completing the registration procedures and should obey the rules and regulations of the partner university. Do not behave in a way that damages the reputation of either university.

4. The exchange student must submit “Exchange Student’s Report of arrival” within two weeks upon arrival at the partner university and after returning to Taiwan.

5. The exchange student must submit a learning report within two months after returning to Taiwan. NCHU OIA has the right to use the learning report on the OIA website and relevant promotion without obtaining students’ consent.


Step 7: Exchange student’s report of arrival (After going abroad)

1. Outgoing exchange student must submit arrival form online at Google Classroom within two weeks upon arrival in Exchange Institution and submit arrival form online within two weeks upon arrival in Taiwan.                       

**Please keep in touch with OIA during the exchange period, and watch for your own safety.**


Step 8: Arrival Report, Learning Report, and Courses Credits Exemption Form (after returning to Taiwan)

1. Arrival Report

  • Outgoing exchange students must submit the arrival form online at Google Classroom.

2. Learning Report

  • The report of studying abroad (1000~1500 words) must be submitted at Google Classroom within two weeks of arrival in Taiwan.
  • Template of Learning Report can be downloaded at Google Classroom.

2. For the exchange student who receives “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad”, please upload the learning report to the website “Nominate talents to study abroad” of the Ministry of Education. (Click “year” / “Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad and Hardship for Student to Study Abroad”/ Student log-in --> Enter your student ID  No. and the date of birth.)

3. Credits Exemption: According to The NCHU Regulation for Credit Exemption(PDF), the student has to submit the application to the department/graduate institute for credit exemption within one month (after returning to Taiwan). Please kindly check NCHU Regulations from the Office of Academic Affairs for the update.                                                          

(Reminder from the Registration Section: whether your credits can be exempted or not, you should submit the application so that the courses you have taken will be shown on the academic transcript when you graduate.) 

* Please carefully read How to apply for credit exemption(Chinese only).

* Official announcement and guidelines for Credit Transfer between NCHU and foreign institute.  Reference:Official Letter (Chinese only) and Explanation (Chinese only)

4. Before graduation, the student who finished the exchange program has to fulfill the duty to assist and guide other NCHU students and provide them with relative consultation service and necessary information about the exchange student program. The exchange student is required to participate in relevant promotion activities (for instance, the international week activity) for at least 3 hours.

Coordinator for exchange students:

【Foreign Countries】、【Mainland China】

許珮蓉(Tina)小姐 Ms. TINA Hsu
TEL : (04)22840206#24
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.