Why Study at NCHU

Entering its centennial year, NCHU is the oldest and the third biggest comprehensive research-based national university in Taiwan. Consisting of 12 colleges with complete departments, NCHU cultivates its students' basic skills and core competencies such as professional knowledge and skills, reflection and innovation, teamwork, local concern, and global thinking.   

Using top research centers as the platform, NCHU integrates external and internal research resources to plan the cultivation of talented individuals in cross-disciplinary fields, promote international exchanges, enhance global reputation, promote university-industry collaboration, and establish a cooperative relationship between global top universities by forming a multinational research team, driving the entire school's overall improvement.


NCHU's University Social Responsibility (USR)

National Chung Hsing University first published Sustainability Report in June 2021 for the purpose of communicating to the community about the University's sustainable development foundation, school governance, social participation, and environmental stewardship. The report will be published annually and put on the NCHU USR Official Website

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Bountiful teaching and research resources and up-to-date facilities that drive overall development

The university is rich in teaching and research resources along and possesses a rich library collection. NCHU has research centers such as the Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, the Nano Center, the Environmental Restoration and Disaster Reduction Research Center, the Center for Advanced Industry Technology and Precision Processing, the International Agriculture Center, and the Research Center for Translational Medicine to help teachers and students conduct research. Possessing advanced resources and facilities for curricula and research, the Central Taiwan Instrument Center and the Taichung Regional Network Center as well as the Central Taiwan Periodical Journal Center subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology for fields such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics are located on the university campus.

Developing a unique top research university based on agricultural technologies

Utilizing internal and external resources, NCHU focuses on the development of agricultural biotechnology, cultivation in fields such as an agriculturally green  environment, environmental protection, and disaster prevention technology, and humanities and social sciences, and the establishment of a unique animal  research center based on NCHU's animal medical research expertise. The university has a stronghold globally on research in fields such as agricultural molecular biotechnology, gene transfer for plants and animals, agricultural production, and veterinary medicine. In terms of environmental remediation, disaster prevention technology, and green engineering, NCHU leads Taiwan in disaster prevention cooperative organizations and energy-saving light sources. In addition, NCHU supports manufacturers in the Central Taiwan Science Park due to geographic convenience, leading developments in green engineering, and the precision machinery industry in Taiwan.

Balanced developments in technology and humanities

The NCHU Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the four major humanities and social sciences centers in the nation, leading a cross-institution, cross-disciplinary integration platform for teaching and research resources. In addition to implementing a number of integrated research projects subsidized by the Ministry of Education, the research results have been published in major domestic and international journals or scholarly books, and a number of international scholarly books are in the process of being published. This makes NCHU an important leader in guiding the development of humanities and social sciences in central Taiwan, upgrading the level of teaching and research in humanities and social sciences and promoting a balance in the development of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

The first university to pass the personal information protection certification and build an E-campus affairs system

NCHU leads the nation in launching personal information protection, introduced the Personal Information Management System, and is BS10012 certified. NCHU is the first university in the nation to have completed personal information protection. In 2015, the Information Security Certification Body was established to assist all levels of the country's schools in auditing and tracing information security and verification. The new version of the Education System Information Safety and Personal Information Management Standards was completed in August 2016 and continue to introduce and promote the new version's protocols and verification to colleges and universities.

Leading the country's emerging industries with industry-government-university cooperation

Combining industry, government, and university resources, NCHU actively plays the role of promoting industry-university training at the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), stimulating the development of industries at the CTSP, promoting the commercialization of outstanding R&D results, and leading the development of innovative industries. NCHU collaborates closely with major research institutes in Taiwan such as the National Health Research Institutes, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, the Central Taiwan Science Park, Precision Machinery Research & Development Center, and Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation in addition to working with relevant government agencies such as the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Disaster Reduction, and Environmental Protection, improving the research quality of both parties.

Providing students with the Innovation Center, establishing Meng Ya Venture Capital Co., Ltd, and becoming a model school for all of Taiwan

Meng Ya Venture Capital was started by NCHU's EMBA alumni and was officially registered at the Innovation Center in 2017. It is the first venture capital in the country in which alumni composed of all of the shareholders. Over 22 million TWD were raised in funds for the sole purpose of encouraging students to learn and be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. It is a team that injects funds while serving to mentor students in entrepreneurship and instruct entrepreneurial  courses, allowing NCHU talents to shine. The first investment was made in 2017 at 5 million TWD to an agricultural biotechnology company founded by NCHU's life sciences students. Meng Ya is expected to continue to mentor budding entrepreneurial ventures on campus.

Actively implement the university's social responsibility and practice

NCHU addresses issues related to university social responsibility such as local concern, industrial chain, sustainable environment, and food safety and has established research centers and technology alliance units such as the Agricultural Product Approval and Certification Center, the Center for Environmental Restoration and Disaster Reduction, the Taiwan Tea Manufacturing Technology Alliance, Consortium for Clinical Bacterial Genomics, and the Healthcare Platform Development Alliance to help alleviate social issues such as local concern, industry chain, sustainable environment, food safety, and long-term care.

With enterprise-industry collaboration, NCHU built the Food and Agriculture Safety Inspection building with Bank SinoPac's investment and will construct an agricultural products inspection center, a novel testing technology research and development laboratory, and a heavy metals food testing laboratory. The facility will become the first fully functional and technologically advanced food and agriculture inspection center in Taiwan and display the pinnacle of agricultural biotechnology, becoming the gatekeeper of Taiwan's food safety.


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