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Activities’ Duration: 2022 Fall Semester                                                                                                            中文版

Step 1: Add OIA “LINE Official Account” as a Friend 

(1) Scan the QRcode  or   (2) Search OIA's LINE ID: @oianchu


Step 2: Activate Your Line Reward Card

Click “Reward Card(集點卡)” on the menu below.

Step 3: Collect the Points of Reward Card by Joining OIA’s Activities

Once you collect 5 pointsyou will receive:
(1) OIA Gift  (2) 50 Line Points   (3) A Lottery Ticket (The lottery ticket is only available for NCHU students.)

Gift list of the lottery:
Gift 1: Fuji instax mini 11 Polaroid (3 winners)
Gift 2: OSTER-USB wireless portable juicer (4 winners)
Gift 3: Caves Books Gift Card, NTD 500 (10 winners)
Gift 4: OIA mysterious gift (13 winners)
OIA will announce the award list on our website on January 5, 2023 and inform the awardee by LINE.


OIA Scheduled Activities in 2022 Fall Semester (with the points you will earn)

※The exact date will be updated continuously, please pay attention to the OIA website.

August Activity Language Object Dates Methods Points
Link Agricultural Career Exploration English NUST Students and faculty 8/10-8/-12 Onsite 1
Link Taiwan Circulation Loop Arts & Culture Awards English NUST Int'l Students 8/1-8/-28 Online 1
End Moon Festival Event English Int'l Students 9/14-9/15 Onsite 1
End TCUS - Moon Festival Event English TCUS Int'l Students 9/16 Onsite 1
End EU Forum English Faculty & Students 9/27 Onsite 2
Link IPC welcome party English All Students 9/29 Onsite 1
End Cultural trip - I English Int'l Students 10/1 Onsite 0
Link Information Session of NCHU Exchange Program and Experience Sharing Chinese All Students 10/4 Onsite 2
Link Information Session of NCHU Exchange Program and Experience Sharing Chinese All Students 10/6 Onsite 2
Link IPC- Halloween event English All Students 10/6 Onsite 1
Link TCUS - Halloween event English TCUS Int'l Students 10/14 Onsite 1
Link Alumni Working Experience Sharing Workshop English Int'l Students 10/14 Online 1
Link Online Prized-Quiz English/Chinese Faculty & Students 10/18-11/4 Online 0
Link 2022 Career Talk At NCHU English Int'l Students 10/28 Onsite 0
End Singing Contest English/Chinese Int'l Students 10/29 Onsite 2
End NCHU Anniversary Celebration Parade English Int'l Students 10/29 Onsite 0
End TCUS - Tainan Leather DIY English TCUS Int'l Students 11/4 Onsite 1
Link Soaring the Andes-Indigenous Music of America Chinese Faculty & Students 11/10 Onsite 3
End Christmas Wreath Workshop I English Int'l Students 11/10 Onsite 0
Link Global Movie Series-I English Faculty & Students 11/17 Onsite 1
Link Global Movie Series-II English Faculty & Students 11/24 Onsite 1
Link Loy Krathong Festival (Thai Floating Lantern’s Festival) English Faculty & Students 11/30 Onsite 2
End Christmas Wreath Workshop I English Int'l Students 12/1 Onsite 0
Link Taiwan Circulation Loop Arts & Culture exhibition English Faculty & Students 12/1-12/7 Onsite 2
Link LastPETing Exhibition English/Chinese Faculty & Students 12/3-12/4 Onsite 2
End Cultural trip - II  English Int'l Students 12/3 Onsite 0
Link Company visit-MoBagel English Int'l Students 12/8 Onsite 0
End Cultural trip - III  English Int'l Students 12/17 Onsite 0
Link 2022 European Film Festival Chinese/Multi-languages Faculty & Students 2022/12/20-2023/2/20 Onsite 0

★OIA will adjust our schedule/activities constantly in accordance with the Central Pandemic Command Centre's announcement.

★More Information about Student Clubs:

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