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Foundation for International Cooperation In Higher Education of Taiwan

1.Assisting universities and colleges in Taiwan with international exchange and cooperation affairs

2.Organizing international conferences on higher education

3.Organizing overseas education fairs and increasing international student enrollment

4.Accepting commissions for facilitating international cooperation

5.Encouraging international academic and cultural research on Taiwan

6.Counseling and appraising the operation and development of overseas Taiwan Education Centers

7.Facilitating cross-strait educational exchange

8.Other educational activities and affairs concerning public welfare in line with the FICHET’s goals


International Cooperation and Development Fund

  1. Facilitating social and economic development in our partner countries

  2. Promoting better economic ties to partner countries

  3. Cooperating with international organizations, institutions or governments to facilitate social and economic development in our partner countries

  4. Providing humanitarian assistance to international refugees or countries afflicted by natural disasters

  5. Providing technical and human resources training to partner countries, and providing technical assistance or services to foster industrial capacity

  6. Operating overseas missions to improve and develop the agricultural, industrial, economic, medical and education sectors in our partner countries

  7. Other initiatives designed to bolster international cooperation and development or foster good relations with other countries


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement Global Affairs and Science Engagement

A mutual founded office between Ministry of Science and Technology and National Taiwan University in November, 2018. It takes universities as the core to promote the cooperation between Taiwan Science and Technology Institution and global partners. 15 universities in Taiwan serve as the steering group, which took resonse for the global teenage summer camp, Formosa series and international cooperation outcome presentation… etc.。


Edu-Connect Southeast Asia Association

Edu-Connect Southeast Asia Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO)established by voluntary citizens’ groups and academic communities. The purpose of this organization is to promote cultural exchanges and the sharing of educational resources in Southeast Asia, in order to cultivate a culture of diversity in the sphere of higher-level education in Taiwan.


Visegrad–Taiwan Scholarships

Visegrad–Taiwan Scholarships facilitate academic mobility between the V4 region and Taiwan by providing financial support to PhD candidates and doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, who are citizens of the V4 countries, to study/conduct research at selected higher-education institutions in Taiwan.


  • Eligible candidates: Visegrad–Taiwan Scholarships offer funding for PhD candidates (early-stage researchers), and doctoral and postdoctoral scholars (experienced researchers) to study/conduct research in Taiwan.

  • Areas of support: a) Nanotechnology, b) Electro-technical industry, c) Biotechnology, d) Information technology, e) Public health, f) Social sciences and humanities, or g) Other

  • Length of support: 1–10 months

  • The amount of the support is €1,000/month for each scholar + €1,000 in the form of a one-time travel grant (tuition and other costs associated with the research are covered by the Taiwanese side)

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