OIA Chinese LINE Pop-Up event~

Get 1 point easily!


Activities’ Duration:  From now until September 20, 2024                                                                                           

Step 1: Add "OIA Chinese LINE Official Account” as a Friend 

(1) Scan the QRcode  or   (2) Search OIA's LINE ID: @oianchu


*Please note that OIA has 2 different LINE accounts, if you want to join "My NCHU era" activities (gather points for lottery) , please add this OIA Chinese account as a friend.*

Step 2:  Let us know who you are, and collect 1 point.

From now until September 20, 2024, send a message that include your "Name, Department, Grade, Student ID number, and Nationality ", and you can get 1 point of OIA LINE reward card (My NCHU era). 

[This event is limited to one entry per person]

[The point will be sent within 3 weeks]

Step 3: Collect the Points of Reward Card by Joining OIA’s Activities


Link to "My NCHU era" web page



Contact person: Ms. Angel LI

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.