【OIA】NCHU Int'l Volunteer Club (IVC): Leftover Food Workshop

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Do you enjoy eating Taiwanese Sanwich?🥪
Unlike baguettes or American BLT sandwiches 
Taiwanese sandwich is famous for its soft texture 
But this comes with a consequence 😢
People will discard bread crust as it is not tender
Which leads to significant food waste 🗑️🚮
This workshop aims to raise awareness of food waste by upcycling bread crusts and misshape fruits
By turning them into jam and French toast
So that we can understand  food waste is avoidable 
And we can do something to avoid food waste
This activity is under the "My NCHU era" program
You can get Points of reward card by Joining this activity!!!
Date:  22th May(Wed)
Time: 1800-2030
Location: 樂學Bar (Huisun Auditorium 3Rd Floor)
Due Date: 13th May
Deposit:100 NTD
Only open for 20 participants !!!
Please hand in the deposit between 「May15-17」
 You have to Deposit 100 Ntd to The 3rd floor of administrative building counter OIA
Lactose intolerance is not suitable to join ❌
Please bring your Tupperware and utensils 🍴
Contact:bngbngvvvip(Line)/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.