Female Dormitory (Taichung Campus)

Address: No.295 Kuo-Kuang Rd., Taichung, 402 Taiwan
Contact number: 886-4-2284-0612
Dormitory website:



Male Dormitory (Taichung Campus)

Address: No.145 Xing-Da Rd., Taichung, 402 Taiwan
Contact number: 886-4-2284-0473
Dormitory website:

Male/Female Dormitory (Nantou Campus)

Address: No. 48-1, Huanshan Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540007, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact number: 886-4-2287-3181
Further Information: Nantou Dormitory's Details

On-Campus Housing

  1. Students who register for the dorm are required to join the random allotment lottery along with all other students every school yearfor the right to stay in the dormitory.
  2. During summer and winter vacations, students must vacate their rooms. Students can also apply to the Dormitory Service Center if they want to stay in the dorm during summer and winter vacations. The registration time is always during the middle of the semester, so please check with the Dormitory Service Center.
  3. For more Housing information, such as the room facilities and the fees, please click here.
  4. Students who want to cancel on-campus housing must submit a cancellation form to Service Centers before making the payment. Withdraw dormitory before the full refund deadline, then you will have to pay NT1000 for dormitory cancellation fee. Within 14 days before the semester starts, you will get 70% refund. Within the period of new semester starting day and the last working day of 9th study week, you will get 50% refund. After the last working day of 9th study week, you won't get any refund. For the forms and regulations, please click here


Off-Campus Housing

There are quite a lot of apartments and rental houses nearby. The rent for off-campus accommodation ranges from NT$ 3,000 to 10,000 (USD$90 to $300) per month depending on housing conditions.
Tenants usually will be asked to prepay 6 or 12 months rental fees and an extra 1 to 2 months as a deposit when you sign the contract with the landlord. Note that it may differ in different cases. 


There are a few platforms that provide rental services, and we recommend the following ones:
1. Platform provided by NCHU Division of Student Housing Services (In Mandarin)

Rental Information

2. Taichung Rental Housing & Accommodation

Facebook Group