New Degree Students - Before Arrival  

The following information is very important for new students. Please be sure to download and read all of them.


Academic Affairs

  1. 2024_Spring Student Handbook  |  2024_Fall Student Handbook (TBA)
  2. NCHU Calendar for Academic Year 2024 | 2024-2025 
  3. 2024_Spring_Important Schedule | 2024_Fall_Important Schedule
  4. PROCEDURE TO UPDATE PERSONAL INFORMATION IN NCHU SINGLE SIGN-ON SYSTEM (Please finish it before getting the student ID card.)
  5. Course Selection Guideline  |  Course Selection Guideline (detailed)  |  Chinese Language Courses
Experience sharing
  1.  ●NCHU Male Dormitory envirEnvironmentoduction
     ●NCHU Female Dormitory Environment introduction
  2.  Experiences & stories of studying at NCHU shared by International students! 
  3.  Host Family program introduction

    If you want to watch the interview about an International Student sharing his experience on joining this program, please click HERE

    Click  HERE F to read the guidebook for joining the Host Family Program. 


What you should do before arrive at Taiwan: 

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Diploma Verification

Students should contact the Taiwan Representative Office in your country to complete the diploma verification procedures. For the contact information of the representative office, please visit the website of “Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan).” Academic diplomas must first be authenticated by the student’s home country before being delivered to the Taiwan Representative Office for verification. If there is no Taiwan Representative Office in your country, please check the contact information of the branches on the website of “Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)” and call the representative office to confirm which representative office is responsible for handling your documents.


Resident Visa

We recommend you to apply for a Resident Visa, so that you can apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). Even if you are from a visa free country, you shall apply for Resident Visa in advance as well. Students who enter Taiwan with a Resident Visa or a Visitor Visa (for foreign exchange students) are required to apply for an “Alien Resident Certificate” (ARC) and a multiple re-entry permit at the National Immigration Agency Taichung Service Centers within 15 days upon arrival in Taiwan.

The duration of stay is subject to the duration specified in an ARC.

For more details, please visit>Visa>Resident Visas>Detailed Information on Republic of China Resident Visas

Foreign nationals who intend to reside in Taiwan for more than 180 days must apply for an ARC in Taiwan. If you fail to apply for an ARC within 15 days upon arrival in Taiwan, you will not be allowed to stay in Taiwan and will be punished.


Documents Required

  1. Visa application form, which can be downloaded from the Bureau of Consular Affairs : www. > Visa > Resident Visas > Resident Visa For Foreignstudents  
  2. A  2×2 inch photograph taken in the last six months on a white background without wearing a hat and a pair of color glasses
  3. Original passport with blank pages and at least six months' validity and one photocopy 
  4. Health Certificate for Residence Application and one photocopy 
  5. Admission Letter from NCHU and one photocopy
  6. Highest education diploma and transcripts. For diplomas and transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English, a Chinese- or English-translation version is also required. (Must be authenticated by an R.O.C(Taiwan)overseas mission.)
  7. Original and one photocopy of proof of financial support
  8. Other supporting documents


Visitor Visa

Foreign nationals holding an ordinary passport or other legal travel documents who intend to stay in Taiwan within 180 days for purposes, including transit, tourism, visiting relatives, visiting, inspection tours, international conferences, business, short-term study, short-term employment, short-term missionary work, and other activities in Taiwan as approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, may apply for a Visitor Visa. For more details, please visit


Course Selection Guide

Go to the NCHU Single Sign On System (click the link below).

User ID: Your student ID number

Password: 999999mmdd (mmdd represents your date of birth)

Example: If your date of birth is January 1, your password is 9999990101.

ARC holder: The capital and lowercase of the first letter & the last 4 digits of your ID & the last four number of your birthday.

(e.g. if your ARC number is B912345678 and your birthday is January 1st: Bb56780101)


  1. Students who register for the dorm are required to join the random allotment lottery along with all other students every school year for the right to stay in the dormitory.
  2. During summer and winter vacations, students must vacate their rooms. Students can also apply to the Dormitory Service Center if they want to stay in the dorm during summer and winter vacations. The registration time is always during the middle of the semester, so please check with the Dormitory Service Center.
  3. For more Housing information, such as the room facilities and the fees, please click here.
  4. Students who want to cancel on-campus housing must submit a cancellation form to Service Centers before making the payment. Withdraw dormitory before the full refund deadline, then you will have to pay NT1000 for dormitory cancellation fee. Within 14 days before the semester starts, you will get 70% refund. Within the period of new semester starting day and the last working day of 9th study week, you will get 50% refund. After the last working day of 9th study week, you won't get any refund. For the forms and regulations, please click HERE

Currency Conversion

I  The New Taiwan dollar banknotes in circulation include NT$1000, NT$500, NT$200 (not common), and NT$100. The New Taiwan dollar coins in circulation include NT$50, NT$10, NT$5, and NT$1.

II New Taiwan dollar exchange rates:  US dollar : New Taiwan dollar = 1 : 28.69; RMB : New Taiwan dollar = 1 : 4.424 (as of December 2020)