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Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan


On 9 November 2000, the Review Committee on International Academic Exchange in the Ministry of Education convened its third meeting with four-fold aims:

(1) improving the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s higher education;
(2) pooling the resources of universities and colleges in Taiwan;
(3) leveraging Taiwan’s advantages in academic and scientific research; and
(4) breaking new ground in transnational and transdisciplinary cooperation in education.
This meeting not only discussed “the start of a joint undertaking of Taiwan’s universities and colleges in international academic exchange,” but also resulted in the resolution on “setting up a preparatory committee and appointing Horng-Jinh Chang, the President of Tamkang University, as its convener, as well as inviting Taiwan’s universities, colleges, and relevant authorities to its meetings, so as to tackle the issues concerning the establishment of an iconic organization for international academic cooperation.”
Against this background, the participating experts and scholars had brainstormed constructive ideas with concerted efforts since 2002. After years of meticulous planning, the preparatory committee eventually decided to name the organization the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET). This decision marked the fledging stage of FICHET’s dedication to the promotion of international academic cooperation.
Funded by the Ministry of Education and more than 100 universities and colleges in Taiwan, the FICHET completed its registration of establishment in November 2005, and celebrated its formal inauguration in January 2006. Currently, the FICHET represents a total of 117 member universities and colleges that are also its permanent member universities. Find out more at FICHET Homepage(Click).


There are four major higher education organizations in Taiwan, including the Association of National Universities of Taiwan, the Association of National Universities of Science and Technology of Taiwan, the Association of Private Universities and Colleges of Taiwan, and the Association of Private Universities and Colleges of Technology in Taiwan. The FICHET aims to promote international cooperation in higher education by integrating the functions of the four major associations. Our scope of services extends as follows:
1.Assisting universities and colleges in Taiwan with international exchange and cooperation affairs
2.Organizing international conferences on higher education
3.Organizing overseas education fairs and increasing international student enrollment
4.Accepting commissions for facilitating international cooperation
5.Encouraging international academic and cultural research on Taiwan
6.Counseling and appraising the operation and development of overseas Taiwan Education Centers
7.Facilitating cross-strait educational exchange
8.Other educational activities and affairs concerning public welfare in line with the FICHET’s goals
Find out more at FICHET home page.