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The content was mostly copied from the handbook 2020, please revise and renew the following information when needed.

NCHU Scholarship

All scholarship recipients will forfeit their eligibility to receive the scholarship if they are temporarily suspended, drop out or graduate from the school, or lose their status as International students for other reasons. Every type of scholarship has its specific rules. Please make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a scholarship holder.


For NCHU scholarship recipients, the stipend, if there is any, will be deposited into their post office accounts around the 15th of every month. The duration of the NCHU Scholarship is one academic year, starting from September of the awarded year to July of the following year. NCHU scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis. You need to renew the scholarship each year from Feb. to Mar. For new recipients, the scholarship will be issued after you submit the information of your bank account. Insurance fee, dormitory fee, language practice fee, and internet usage fee and etc. will not be covered by NCHU Scholarship. The term of the scholarship is written in the admission letter.


OIA Intl’ Students TA-ship Scholarships

Sponsor: National Chung Hsing University


1. Monthly stipend:



2. Eligibility:

Master/Ph.D. foreign students

Application Process

Application time:


Details for the professor(Click here to download the brochure)
Details for students(Click here to download the brochure)
Apply Website (Closed)
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Duration of scholarships:

Fall semester: Sep - Dec

Spring semester: Mar - Jun