Funding Program

International Internship Pilot Program (IIPP)

*2024 Call will be opened from 18th December, 2023. The starting date of the new call will be 1st May, 2024.
*2024 Call Duration: 2024 May -2025 January


For international students to experience Taiwan’s strengths in the field of S&T, National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) provides the international internship pilot program (IIPP) to attract global talents. Furthermore, we expect some of these interns will engage in advanced studies or start a career in Taiwan. Thus, IIPP could enrich the human resource of key scientific research fields in Taiwan.

Important Points

  • Application :Abroad students should finish the application 3 months before arrival. (Students will need to finish application by 15th October, 2024 and finish the internship by end of January, 2025).
  • Quotao:2024's call will offer 600 vacancies.
  • Intership Duration:Duration within 3 months (90 days, no extension),  PI will arrange the vancancies during application period.
  • Application Methods:PI (manage vacancies) and Applicants should direclty finish the application on the main website(。
  • Internship Contents:Interns conduct relevant research according to the topics and fields of the participating projects. During the internship, the PIs should give appropriate guidance and assist the interns to communicate with Taiwanese students as well as learn more about Taiwan.

Other Notice

  • Each PI could provide max. 2 vacancies.
  • We recommended that interns should finish the application 3 months before arrival. IIPP system will be regularly closed for assessment each month.
  • Students with foreign nationality, who are enrolled at foreign colleges or universitiesStudents could not obtain other Taiwan Govenmental Scholarship or join other funded program at the same time.
  • If interns need to apply for on-campus dormitories, host department would need to help students to contact Division of Student Housing Service and reserve the room. 
  • Interns would need to provide the proof of insurance by themselves.
  • Interns shall submit a closure report online on 21th per month while finishing the intern program or early termination and give presentations if required.
  • Interns need to sign the receipts and grab the internship fund NTD30000 per month. The internship fund will be offered based on the exact Posting Date of IIPP fund.
  • IIPP office will cofirm students' internship status and report. After confirmation, PI will need to fill required information in the system. Then the office will tranfer the service fees afterwards.
  • Interns, who applied the 2023'call, will need to re-verify the account in 2024.

Other information