NCHU Open-Air Film Festival Event📽️📽️ Let's enjoy an outdoor movie together!  (Free Movie! Bazaar, exhibition, and Picnic)

As the pandemic gradually eases, We finally have the opportunity to embrace one another again and regain the lost connections.


Core Value of the Film Festival: To embrace. 

The film festival project co-organized by OIA and FMOP(student team) takes "embrace" as its theme,
exploring hidden issues from the perspective of the film, and allowing participants to see
marginalized voices, embracing everything on Earth🌍, as well as all creatures in nature.
We hope to use the power of film to evoke empathy in the audience,
starting from embracing oneself, caring about others, things, and objects outside of oneself,
and empathizing with others' situations, embracing the world. 🤝

How we came up with the event name?

The event is named "Stand Out; Fit 映." "Stand Out" means eye-catching and outstanding,
while "Fit in" means adapting and integrating into a group.
"映" has the same pronunciation as "in" in Chinese and also means film screening.
We hope that both independence and harmony can coexist in our lives.
This is why we use a semicolon to express parallelism between the two,
which also implies the inclusiveness of multiple ethnic groups and cultural acceptance.

 Movies, Bazaar, exhibition, and a post-movie sharing session(Mandarin only), all in one! 

The event will be held on the Campus Lawn behind the Administration Building, NCHU.
We hope to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for everyone through the form of outdoor movie🍿 viewing.
In the afternoon, there will be a bazaar with vendors and an exhibition area
based on the theme of "embrace" for participants to enjoy before the film screening in the evening.
After the screening, there will be a post-movie sharing session, at the time we have invited speakers from
different fields to share and discuss film-related issues with everyone.
Event Date | 2023.04.28 (Fri) ~ 04.29 (Sat)
Event Time | 04.28 16.00-21.00 / 04.29 16.00-20.50
Location | Campus Lawn behind the Administration Building, National Chung Hsing University
Event Fee | Free 🆓

❗️❗️Registration is required for the post-movie sharing session. 
❗️❗️Registration link: