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Essential of the Saving Account

NCHU requires each student to open an account in the post office's so that money can be remitted if the students are awarded a scholarship. Also, if you need to exchange the currency into NTD, the post office here in Taiwan will be able to do that, too.


Where And When

The nearest post office is located nearby the Female Dormitory (No. 297, Guoguang Rd., South Dist., Taichung 402717, Taiwan).
Business hours: Monday to Friday.

Postal   :08:30-17:30


Required Documents

No Documents
1 Passport
2 ROC Uniform ID No. Certificate / ARC
3 100 NTD for banking 【sample_ grab the sheet in the post office and fill it
4 CRS Self-Certification Form (get the form in OIA) 【sample
5 Application Form (get the form in OIA) 【sample



Prepare the document listed, head to any post office during the office hour to apply for an account.


The Nearest Post Office

Taichung Guoguang Road Post Office

Taichung Nanhe Road Post Office