Why Study in Taiwan

Located on the southeastern coast of the Asian continent and the western coast of the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan lies between Japan and the Philippines that is in the center of East and Southeast Asia island arcs, which is the main route of the Asia-Pacific region, either by sea or by air. Its total area is approximately 36,000 square kilometers. The main island is long and narrow with different landscapes such as mountains, hills, plains and basins. The central mountain range runs through the island from north to south, and it is rich with the beauty of mountains and forests. The main peak of Yushan mountain is close to 4,000 meters, making it the highest peak in Northeastern Asia.


Taiwan is surrounded by the sea with a rich marine ecosystem. The beauty of the ocean can be experienced from the island’s coastal areas and its offshore islands. Taiwan has nine national parks, and each one has its unique landscapes. You may experience the natural wonders at different altitudes and latitudes, be it a volcano, mountain, ocean, or wetland.


Taiwan is warm all year round, and temperature appears more changeable only in spring and winter time. The pleasant weather allows people to enjoy life to the fullest here.


If you come from high-latitude areas, you can dump the heavy coats and enjoy the welcoming sunshine. Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone. The sun is dazzling but not burning; in addition, it is surrounded by the water and the climate is influenced by the marine current. The moist weather will make you forget the dry and cold weather back home.


If you come from the low-latitude areas, you can still enjoy the warm sunshine, and also the refreshing comfort Taiwan has to offer. You may want to stroll through the mountain areas here to enjoy all the green scenery in the mountains that you will find Taiwan the best choice for a forest bath.

Food takes top priority in Taiwan. Specialty snacks can be found everywhere here. This island also embraces a diverse food culture. Exotic cuisines from all over the world can be found here at reasonable prices. The metropolitan areas in Taiwan support a convenient lifestyle too that convenience stores here open 24-hours. Its public transportation is convenient and cheap, and the crime rate is very low. Moreover, the locals here are friendly and helpful that you can easily get help anywhere.