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As the Southeast Asian region has been facing critical challenges in its economic, societal, and political sectors, there has been a need to gather experts and educators to exchange ideas and face shared challenges. The excellence of universities is an important key to enhance a nation's competitiveness. Therefore, President Chiang Kao of the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan, together with the Presidents of prestigious universities of Southeast Asian countries initiated the "Presidents' Forum of Southeast Asia and Taiwan Universities" (abbreviated as SATU Presidents' Forum) in the year 2003. This forum provides a venue for academics to share their valuable experiences to improve higher education and international cooperation in the region. The International Secretariat of the SATU Presidents' Forum, which includes the two subsections named Academic Exchange Subcommittee and Industry-Academia Collaboration Subcommittee, has been established at NCKU to coordinate and to promote the related activities.



SATU Presidents' Forum will be held biennially to achieve the following objectives:
To strengthen academic cooperation among Taiwan and Southeast and South Asian countries.
To foster internationalization through academic and cultural exchange and collaboration.
To promote the quality of education, research, and community services.
To establish exchange programs for our universities’ students, faculty, and administrative staff.
To foster partnerships between industry and academia.
To facilitate sustainability in economics, society, and the environment.

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Steering Committee Meeting

The SATU in 2020 is mainly held by National Cheng Kung University
Time: 2020/11/26
Location: Online Vrutual Meeting
Participants: Vice President for International Affairs, Chia-Lin, Chang


The SATU in 2019 is mainly held by National Cheng Kung University and Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Time: 2019/11/18-11/19
Location: Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Participants: Deputy Vice President for International Affairs, Hsiharng, Yang


The SATU in 2018 is mainly held by National Cheng Kung University
Time: 2018/11/16-11/17
Location: National Cheng Kung University
Theme: Cultivating Culturally Competent and Globally Engaged Talents
Participants: Vice President for International Affairs, Mu- Min, Chen


Joint Reasearch Scheme (JRS)

The SATU Presidents' Forum International Secretariat launched the SATU Joint Research Scheme, or SATU JRS, in 2012 to provide a collaborative platform that facilitates academic research cooperation among SATU member universities. 
The aim of JRS is to help integrate resources to increase the quality, quantity, and global scope of the research being conducted at our member universities, with the goal of advancing the research achievements of the SATU community.


NCHU Results

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Year 2021 2020
PI Applicants 8 6
PI Submmited Projects 10 9
Co-PI Applications 3 2
No. of Matched Projects 12 11


SMART 2.0 - Student Competition

SMART stood for SATU Mobility Action for Regional Talents. SATU secretariat encouraged students to team up and find a solution to reach a common goal.
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