NCHU Short-Term Visiting Scholar's ID Card - Application Information

How to apply for a Short-Term Visiting Scholar's ID Card

  • Applicant Qualification: With an NCHU staff member as the guarantor, scholars or researchers from foreign partner universities staying for seven days or longer can apply for a temporary ID card.
  • Applications: Visitors can submit their applications to the office of International Affairs, NCHU. Applications can also be entrusted to an NCHU faculty/staff member.



  • The temporary ID card allows the visitor to use the following facilities:
    1. Library: Access to the library to read and borrow books; access to the multimedia center and study rooms; regulations regarding the use of the library should be followed.
    2. Computer and Information Network Center: Applications for a wireless Internet account by following the regulations of the Center. The account will be expired automatically once the period of visiting is due.
    3. Office of Physical Education and Sport: Access to the campus sports facilities including the gymnasium, track and field, basketball court, volleyball court, skating rink, tennis court, and accessory equipment. A pass is required for using the swimming pool and the gym. The charges for the pass are the same as those for NCHU faculty/staff members or students.
  • Notices:
    1. The temporary ID card does not need to be returned when the visitor leaves. The card will expire on an invalid date.
    2. When visiting durations change, visitors should apply for a new card.
    3. Foreign students participating in NCHU short-term winter and summer programs/camps can also apply for a temporary ID card by following the present Guidelines with an exception of the use of the library and the multimedia center. However, they can check books out with the guarantee of a full-time faculty/staff member at NCHU.