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Founded in 1991, U.M.A.P. (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) is an exchange student program aiming to let countries in the Asia-Pacific region achieve a better mutual understanding through enhanced cooperation among higher education institutions.
NCHU encourages students to join UMAP and provides a tuition waiver to UMAP participants. 
There are 2 programs in U.M.A.P.:
      1.Program A(UMAP Multilateral Student Exchange Program, aka UME)
      2.Program B(UMAP Bilateral Student Exchange Program, aka UBE)
For more information, such as limitations and course information, please visit the USCO Program SystemUMAP Home, and Student Manual.

Application Online System: HERE 

Application Deadline

Please finish the on-line application and send a hardcopy of all documents to the OIA office. Be aware that once you send the documents, you cannot make any changes. 
Deadline: First Run 2024/1/26 (Electronic Version application documents ) (Application Time and Nomination Time: 12/9~1/31)
                   Second Run 2024/4/22 (Application Tima and Nomination Time: 3/29~4/29)

Nomination Quota

2 students

Required Documents

1) Transcripts
2) Certificate of Official Language Exams
3) Motivation Letter(s),
4) Copy of Passport,
5) Medical Certificate 
5) Other documents (Different institution requires different documents.)


 Christina (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)