2022 European Film Festival @ NCHU

 Event 1《Taiwan European Film Festival-Beyond Boundaries》

The theme of TEFF this year is : Beyond Boundaries. Because amond the 17 films, 8 films' theme is about immigration and refugee issues. It reflected the sirous issue that EU faced recently. Although there are boundaries, love has no boundaries. There are lots of things that constantly entangled inside or outside the boundary, such as identity and hometown, return and rebirth. However, family and affention; gender and love, which are based on the essence of love, can never be separted.  The other 9 films include warm family affection, suspenseful bitter love, fresh love, ignorant youth, and memories of growing up, etc.  We could learn more daily live in Europe , and other depth of humanity issues through the films. NCHU will display 16 films.。

  • Time : 2022/12/20-2023/1/10
  • Venue:  3F of Library-Multimedia Center
  • Registeration link:    http://cal.lib.nchu.edu.tw/  (Please find the film names and dates first.)

Event 2《藝起趣歐洲》European Theme film Festival

Multimedia Center of library selects films from various countries in Europe. During the event period, the theme film festival will be held in 1F of Library and 3F of Library-Multimedia Center. There are 70 films will be exhibited.

  • Time : 2022/12/20-2023/2/20
  • Venue : 1F of Library and 3F of Library-Multimedia Center
Event 3 Fill Survey and  Gift Lucky Draw

Please fill the event survey after attending Event 1 and Event 2. After filling the survey, you could exchange the small gift at 3F of Library-Multimedia Center.

The number of gifts is limited.  There is another chance to join lucky draw after attending whole events.

  • Time : 2022/12/20-2023/2/20
  • Venue:  3F of Library-Multimedia Center.


  SPECIAL✨  Limited additional Prize

During Event 1 period, please fill the survey after the movie. Then you will have chance to revice the additionl Prize.

  • Time : 2022/12/20-2023/1/10
  • Venue : 3F of Library-Multimedia Center.

【If you want to know more information✨】:

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Organizers: NCHU Library and EU Centre at NCHU (OIA)