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In 2015, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education launched the Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) to encourage more international students to participate in short-term professional internship projects organized by Taiwanese universities and colleges. TEEP also allows international students to gain an in-depth educational experience in Taiwan, while also preparing themselves for the Asian job market.

An increasing number of outstanding universities and colleges in Taiwan now offer TEEP@AsiaPlus - short term professional and research internship programs for 500+ outstanding international youths to experience Taiwan’s quality higher education and make personal connections in the Asian job market.

TEEP programs are also available in emerging fields such as Information Communication Technology (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain Technology, Semiconductors, 5G Wireless Communications, Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, Green Energy, Biosensors, Logistics Management, Molecular Biology and Smart Health Care, as well as Mandarin Language Training or Cultural Experience Courses.

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Project Funding

1. Host professors receieve NTD 15,000/person/month funding which can be used on the TEEP student scholarship and other expeanditure.
2. Students' project period and scholarship need to be discussed with host professors.

TEEP Student Eligibility

1. With foreign nationality
2. High school graduate or above; who have obtained a doctorate degree is not eligibility
3. Who have studied in Taiwan, including exchange students and degree-seeking students, is not eligibility
4. Who is already in Taiwan is not eligibility

Internship + Chinese

The wide range of programs under TEEP provides students from all backgrounds opportunities to immerse themselves in the operations of key Taiwan companies and industries. Moreover, TEEP helps students find relevant and useful job placements at various companies. In these positions, students will gain firsthand knowledge that will put them well on their way in the business world. To ease participants into their internships in Taiwan, TEEP also features cultural immersion activities to improve language and cultural fluency. All participants are provided with high-quality dormitory accommodations, as well as opportunities to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese.

Taiwan is an ideal place for international students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese, also called Mandarin, Huayu, Guoyu, Hanyu, Putonghua, and Zhongwen in Chinese-speaking communities around the world. Taiwan is also an ideal place for learning traditional Chinese characters, which allows you to better connect with classic Chinese literature and culture. Furthermore, learning Chinese will help you communicate with Chinese speakers around the world. There is a worldwide enthusiasm for learning Chinese, and Taiwan is already well established as one of the best places in the world to learn.

NCHU Results

11 NCHU lecturers applied TEEP.

8 NCHU lecturers applied TEEP@Asia Plus and 25 international students coming from India, Indonesia, Lithuania, and so on joined NCHU TEEP@Asia Plus.

3 NCHU lecturers applied TEEP@Asia Plus and 17 international students coming from India, Indonesia, Nepal, and so on joined NCHU TEEP@Asia Plus.

2 NCHU lecturers applied TEEP@Asia Plus and 2 international students joined NCHU TEEP@Asia Plus.

How to apply - Host Professor

MOE will call for the proposal every year. OIA will foward the related information to faculty.

How to apply - Student

1. Please check the detail of labs
2. Contact the host professor directly
* The project period and scholarship need to be discussed with the host professor.

Contact Person

Ms. Chang (+886-4-22840206-26/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)