TCUS - 2021 Article & Short Film Competition

Call for Entries!!
Share your experiences & stories of studying at TCUS to your friends!!

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Important Dates

Deadline for submission: August 31, 2021
Result announcement: September 20, 2021


Current international students who are enrolled at TCUS (Degree-seeking & inbound exchange students)

Main Topic

My School Life during Pandemic Era
Must include the main idea in your article or film: the experiences in epidemic prevention of TCUS (your home university)
It can be universities provide correct information of COVID-19/ the experiences of distant learning/ the assistant of quarantine time/ etc.
*You can have your own title for the work!

Competition Categories


  • Must submit the same article in two languages: both in your native language and English.
  • The article should NOT be longer than 1000 words (for each language/article).
  • Format: PDF only.
  • Please add relative photos in your work.
  • Please name the file according to " Student ID No_Last Name_Language”

Short Film

  • The film should not be more than 3 minutes (180 seconds), including the beginning and the end.
  • Films exceeding this time limit are liable to be rejected.
  • The film should be recorded in your native language, and MUST be subtitled in ENGLISH.
  • The film should begin with the student’s name and film title (both in your native language and English).
  • Please add the opening or the closure end with TCUS’s logo animation (Download HERE. You can choose/edit any of them).
  • Format: MPEG4, AVI, or WMV.
  • Copyright: The film must NOT contain any copyrighted work(s) belonging to third parties, including the background music.
  • Please use the free music at Youtube Music Library.
  • Please name the file according to " Student ID No_Last Name_Language”

    * One participant can submit two categories (article and film) at the same time. Maximum one piece of work in each category.
    * For those whose native language is English, you can just submit the English version.
    * Useful links: (1) Youtube Music Library (free music) (2) Video: How to Avoid Making Bad Video

How to apply

Fill in the registration form and upload your files HERE !
*Google account, Taiwanese bank account and valid ARC are required!


Article Competition
  - Gold prize: NTD 4000 & e-certificate
  - Silver prize: NTD 3000 & e-certificate
  - Bronze prize: NTD 2000 & e-certificate
  - Excellent works: NTD 1000 & e-certificate (Max. 5 awardees)
  - NCHU special prize: NTD 1000 & e-certificate (Max. 8 awardees, only for NCHU students)

Short film Competition
  - Gold prize: NTD 6000 & e-certificate
  - Silver prize: NTD 5000 & e-certificate
  - Bronze prize: NTD 4000 & e-certificate
  - Excellent works: NTD 3000 & e-certificate (Max. 5 awardees)
  - NCHU special prize: NTD 3000 & e-certificate (Max. 8 awardees, only for NCHU students)

 * All cash prize awards are before tax. The tax rate is 20 % for those who have stayed in Taiwan for less than 183 days.


[Article&Film] Originality: The theme, context and presentation will be judged on the originality and creativity you exhibit.
[Article&Film] Storytelling: Your video/article should tell us a story. The entries will be judged on their ability to get a message across, either explicit or discreet.
[Film] Production: While the proper use of lighting, sound, music, visual and sound effects can always enhance an audience's viewing experience, greater weight will be given to creativity, originality and storytelling. 

The General Terms of Participation

The entry should be submitted by the Participant who may be the rights holder of the film or the person authorized to participate in the competition and accept the terms and conditions. For the purposes of this competition and subsequent distribution of the participating film, the Participant hereby confirms that he/she/it has the necessary rights to submit the entry and accept the terms.

Please submit the Declaration of Right Holder's Consent (doc. | odt.).

1. The entered article and film must be original works created by the participating individual.

2. Entrants must ensure that they own the copyright to the work. No copyright-infringing imagery, video or music (including partial images) may be used. Plagiarism or the replication of other people's works is prohibited. The organizer will not be liable for any legal repercussions from disputes over right of portrait, right of fame, privacy rights, copyright and trademark rights.

3. The winners must consent to the competition organizer modifying or re-producing their award-winning film/article for the purpose of international promotion. The organizer receives copyright to the winning film/article and derived works for transmission and public broadcast over domestic and overseas physical and virtual channels.

4. The winning works and other outstanding entries will be re-uploaded to the OIA’s platforms (e.g. website/YouTube/FB) of NCHU for display and use. Prize-winning works are to be used for international promotion purposes. If, after the competition, it is necessary to correct any information that may be incorrect within the work, the sponsoring organization reserves the right to request the creator confirm the work’s contents as well as adjust subtitles where necessary. The creator must then provide a new file of the work. This is non-negotiable

5. Participants must agree to sign a document that permanently authorizes the organizer and its authorized individuals, organizations as well as legal persons and natural persons undertaking works commissioned by the organizer in accordance with the law to publicly broadcast, publicly perform, publicly narrate, and publicly display the winning work at no cost. The winning work may also be reproduced, adapted (including but not limited to DVD, or other language versions) or partially edited.

6. If notified that the entered work's copyright is in dispute or is in violation of intellectual property rights, the work may be disqualified by the organizer; the entrant is liable for all legal repercussions and compensation arising from related disputes.

Contact Person

Ms. Yuhsuan Chang: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Office of International Affairs, NCHU