【Notice No.20】Adjusted School-Leaving Procedures due to the Pandemic for 2021 Spring

Ⅰ.  In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, graduate students who have arranged to hold their degree examinations in the 2021 Spring and are expected to graduate at the current time will be allowed to extend their graduation deadline up to until November 1, 2021, including finishing their degree examination, a thesis review, all graduation requirements (e.g. international students’ Mandarin credits) and school-leaving procedures. Students who finish all foresaid processes will be viewed as graduates of the 2nd semester of academic year 2020 and do not need to pay the tuition fee of the 1st semester of academic year 2021; on the contrary, students who fail to finish all foresaid processes will have to make up the tuition payment of the 1st semester of academic year 2021. Please arrange your oral defense appropriately in order to finish the forthcoming thesis review and school-leaving procedures in time. The related details regarding oral application (thesis/dissertation submission) have been revised as shown in the following table.

Degree Deadline for defense application for Master/Ph.D. Students Deadline for completing defense for Master/Ph.D. Students Deadline for Thesis/Dissertation
Submission and School-Leaving Procedure
Master Students July 9
October 31 2021 November 1
PhD. Students
In-Service Master Students
Students of International Programs of Industy-Academia Collaboration

Ⅱ.  If the application of oral defense is delayed due to the pandemic (including applicants being diagnosed as confirmed case, home isolation, home quarantine, self-health management, and Nationwide Alerts), the application must be submitted with supporting documents and completed by September 8, 2021 at the latest.

Ⅲ.   a.) If there are five or more individuals attending the oral defense, an online oral defense should be properly scheduled instead.
        b.) If there are any actual documents (e.g. result of oral defense notification, etc.) require the signatures of the committee members, they can be returned electronically (scanned, emailed, or faxed), however, the receipts of attendance fee must still be sent to the department for subsequent reimbursement.

Ⅳ.   Extension of “Maximum Study Period”: Master Students / PhD. Students

who have reached their “maximum study period” and whose studies have been influenced by the pandemic, they may apply for an extension with supporting documents and complete it by September 8, 2021.

Ⅴ.   Regarding the process of collecting the diploma this semester, changes are made as follows: 

A. Chinese Certificate of Degree will be sent to students by mail. Acquiring the certificate at school is also available. English Certificate of Degree needs on-line application in advance.
B. Instructions:
1.   For undergraduate students and graduate students:
(1.)For the qualified students, please log in NCHU “System of Transcript and Certificate Apply”, register, and remit the postage under instructions. (Domestic postage is NT$ 98.)
(2.)After NCHU Registrar Office takes 7 working days to review the qualifications, the certificate of degree will be sent by registered mail


*Reminder: Before applying, please confirm that:
a.)  All your subject grades have been announced. 
b.) “School-Leaving Procedures” is completed. (Students may check the status on “Academic Affairs Systems”). Those who do not meet the requirements will not be given the certificate of degree.


2.  Instructions for acquiring Certificate Degree at school:
(1.) For undergraduate students and graduate students:
The students are required to make an online reservation (Link), and bring his or her student ID card to the Division of Registration (1st floor of the Administration Building) to acquire the certificate. To avoid cluster infection, we will implement triaging control, the office can only receive four people at a time, and do not receive the others to enter the office.
Opening Time: 2021.07.01~2021.08.31
Mon-Fri (9:00-11:00/ 14:00-16:00)
(2.) For the information regarding Bachelor's Degree Further Study Program, please contact the Office of Bachelor's Further Study Program. (Contact Person: Mr. Hsu, TEL: 04-22840854, ext. 14)



Source: Office of Academic Affairs
Translate by Office of International Affairs, NCHU
*More Information: Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19) Epidemic Prevention Area