《Get Involved!》Online Prized-Quiz

Ancestor Worship


As Qingming (Tomb-Sweeping) Festival is approaching, we invite you to join this online quiz to know how well you know about the veneration of ancestors around the world! You can get one LINE point from “My NCHU Era” activity and a gift . 

Warning! The following content may contain death-related issues and photos. 
Viewer discretion is advised.

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How to Join

Step 1: During 2022.3.30 - 4.22, finish the online prized-quiz.  
Step 2: During prize redemption time April 26 - 29, bring your NCHU ID card to OIA reception to get one LINE point from “My NCHU Era” activity and a gift.

Prize Redemption

Place : OIA Reception (Administration Building 3rd Floor) 
Time :  2022.4.26 - 4.29  (AM9:00-12:00;PM13:00-16:30)