【OIA】Have you heard? 2024 IVC has some cool events!

Hi, we are NCHU Int'l Volunteer Club (IVC)!
If you are interested in different forms of overseas services,
and are interested in it,
then this is the right time to come to these events!

Moreover, the seminars are included in the "My NCHU Era" point collection activity.
If you collect 5 points, you will get 100 Line Points! 🥴
The number of seats is limited, so take the opportunity to register now! ⚡

#1 English Lecture|Sustainable Practices in Cambodian Villages by Taiwan

🔅 Time: 4/10 (Registration at 5:30, Starts at 6:00)
🔅 Location: 圓廳 (Student Cafeteria)Room 303/3rd floor
🔅 Number of Participants: 50 per session

#2 Mandarin Lecture|Sustainable Development Goals and Int'l Service Practice

🔅 Time: 4/24 (Registration at 5:30, Starts at 6:00)
🔅 Location: 圓廳 (Student Cafeteria)Room 303/3rd floor 
🔅 Apply here: https://forms.gle/hdqQPXwY3VoMwzN4A


#3 Mandarin Lecture|Turkish Rescue Mission! Search and Rescue Dogs with On-site Veterinarian

🔅 Time: 5/8 (Registration at 5:30, Starts at 6:00)
🔅 Location: 樂學Bar (Huisun Auditorium 3rdFloor) 
🔅 Number of Participants: 42 per session

🔅 Apply here: https://forms.gle/j4vKKPJ2D7kNiJKD9