【News】NCHU warmly welcomes the delegation from ILTexas, marking a significant milestone in international exchange

In recent years, National Chung Hsing University has been actively promoting Chinese language education internationally. Looking ahead to 2024, a collaborative Chinese language summer camp with the International Leadership of Texas (ILTexas) in the United States is being planned. To discuss the related details, Ms. Shu-Ya(Andrea) Yang, head of the Education Division at the Houston Office, played a central role in coordinating the visit. The delegation from ILTexas, including General Craig Timberlake, Director of Student Leadership Development, Ms. Karen Marx, Student Travel Coordinator, and Ms. Xiaoyan Wang, Director of Chinese, is scheduled to visit National Chung Hsing University and two high schools in central Taiwan, namely The Affiliated Senior High School of National Chung Hsing University and Nantou Commercial High School from November 29th to December 1st.

On November 29th, General Craig Timberlake and his delegation visited National Chung Hsing University (NCHU). They were accompanied by Mr. Kuo-Chih Liao, Director of International Education, NCHU OIA. The delegation paid a visit to the Chinese Language Center, where they were received by Director Ming Shih. Both parties engaged in enthusiastic discussions regarding the cooperation for the 2024 Chinese Language Summer Camp.

General Craig Timberlake expressed that ILTEXAS has 23 campuses and actively encourages students to learn Chinese. In order to facilitate more effective Chinese language learning, they plan to send students to NCHU for a four-week Chinese Language Summer Camp in the summer of 2024. This opportunity will allow students to immerse themselves in a fully Chinese language environment and experience the cultural charm of Taiwan.

The visitors also toured Affiliated Senior High School of National Chung Hsing University, where they were personally received by Principal Mr. Chen Yong-Yan, Director Mr. Tsai Kuo-Shih, and Teacher Ms. Shi Mei-Mei. 

Both parties engaged in lively discussions about facilitating future online video exchanges between students from both sides. The visitors also toured the distinctive classrooms at the school, such as the Chinese literature classroom featuring the works of renowned Taiwanese poet Zheng Chou-yu, and the Learning Hall designed for group discussions. The guests were deeply interested in the school's teaching methods, which seamlessly integrate hardware and software to enhance the learning experience.

On the 30th, the visiting delegation made a special trip to Nantou Commercial High School. They were received by the Secretary Chen Kai-Di and colleagues, accompanied by Jy Chong-Liang, the head of the Education Department at the Nantou County Government. They were also introduced to the school's distinctive features by Ms. Zhuang, Juan-ying of the English Department, who shared the school's experience of organizing outdoor exchange activities with international students from NCHU.

Representing the Nantou County Government, Mr. Guan Zhong-liang extended a warm welcome on behalf of the county magistrate, expressing gratitude to NCHU for coordinating the visit of ILTEXAS to Nantou. Nantou County is actively promoting international education, aiming to enhance children's international perspectives and competitiveness through international exchanges.

After the meeting, the guests visited a tea art classroom, where teacher Tsai Pei-Chun showcased a "Taiwanese tea ceremony experience," demonstrating the steps of warming the teacup, brewing tea, and tasting the tea, enveloping the process with the distinctive charm of Taiwan's tea culture. The delegates immersed themselves in the profound essence of Taiwan's tea culture. General Craig Timberlake expressed amazement, remarking that the experience was not just about tasting tea, but also a cultural exchange, providing a glimpse into the secrets of Eastern Zen philosophy and nurturing patience in children.

Through this visit, NCHU has established closer ties with local high schools and the education sector in Texas and has enhanced the visibility of its Chinese language education program. This paves the way for new opportunities for collaboration in Chinese language education between Taiwan and USA. It is hoped that more American students will come to Taiwan to learn Chinese and appreciate the beauty of Taiwan.


Picture 1: General Craig Timberlake(second from right); Karen Marx, (far right); Xiaoyan Wang, (second from left); Vicent Liao, (far left); Yi-ming Shih, (third from left).

Picture2: Both sides discussing future collaboration

Picture 3: Visiting the Affiliated Senior High School of National Chung Hsing University

Picure4: Visiting Nantou Commercial High School

Picture 5: The delegation experiencing the art of the Taiwanese tea ceremony