About Talent Taiwan

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Launched in 2018 as an effective talent retention program, the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office handed out for more than 8000 gold cards.

The Gold Card Program is more than just a visa. Gold card provides foreign talents the incentives to stay and form a community for them to build connections.

Following the approach of the Taiwan Employment Gold Card Office, the International Talent Taiwan Office established the service center and its web portal. This national-level talent acquisition center has expanded its footprint of service to all types of foreign talents since November 2023.

Talent Taiwan is a one-stop center providing information and helpdesk support for foreigners and new residents in Taiwan. We strive to be the best source of information for individuals and their families seeking to explore their future in Taiwan, as well as those who need help making it their home.

By 2030, Taiwan’s recruitment goal for global talents is up to 400,000. Our goal is to attract international talents from various fields. To achieve this goal, Talent Taiwan is committed to solving the general problems that foreign residents will face in different phases of life in Taiwan.

Talent Taiwan is a national service center dedicated to recruiting and facilitating the integration of foreign talent in Taiwan.

We aim to be the best resource for individuals and families exploring opportunities and settling in Taiwan. Offering clear and comprehensive visa information, our help desk also assists with various aspects of life in Taiwan, such as employment, housing, banking, education, taxes, and more.