【Forwarded】DAAD On-line Lecture-How to write a research proposal and apply for a PhD

Information of Lecture:

Part 1. Research in Germany and Scholarship Opportunities

Part 2. How to secure a PhD place and a PhD supervisor in Germany
- Searching for a potential PhD place/supervisor, and, once found, understanding the rules for an application. 
- Creating a research proposal and a CV to be presented to the potential supervisor/institution.
- Properly contacting the potential supervisor/institution.

Part 3. How to apply for a PhD at Technical University of Darmstadt
- The research opportunities and requirements for a PhD at Technical University of Darmstadt - one of the leading technical universities in Germany. 
- The research culture of the university, how to find a PhD supervisor and open positions in one’s research field and which mistakes should be avoided when applying for a PhD. 

Information of lecturers:
  1. Dr. Josef Goldberger : Director, DAAD IC Taipei
  2. Dr. Reinhard Klein-Arendt: Research Consultant in the Higher Education Sector; Associate Professor, University of Cologne
  3. Dr. Angela Müller:Ingenium – Young Researchers at TU Darmstadt
Lecture Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TNXudiqPOE&t=907s