The Result of NUST 2023 Taiwan Circulation Loop Arts & Culture Awards

Thanks to all participants.
We received many amazing works and appreciate all participants putting their effort into the works.

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Category: Photography

Prize Name University Title
Gold Prize Achmad O Mabrur NCHU Taiwan Come True
Silver Prize O Mahmudah NCHU Autumn Glory
Silver Prize Jeevan O Shrestha NCHU Elephant Rock in its Natural Beauty
Silver Prize Edwinnata NCHU The Aesthetic Chaihsing Residence
Bronze prize O Tra O Khoa NCHU A Moment of Peace
Bronze prize O Thi O Xuyen NCHU The Only Basalt Columns in Taiwan
Bronze prize Nguyen O Ngan NCHU Sky High
Bronze prize O Thi O Thanh NCHU Sunset Avian Mirrors: Capturing Birds' Reflections
Bronze prize Ngo O Vi NFU Hehuan Wuling
Masterpiece O Jina NCHU 4p.m, the time I wanted to be forever
Masterpiece Ta O Khiem NCHU Caidie Waterfalls Through The Lens of My Camera
Masterpiece O Daryl O Inductivo NCHU UNITY IN DIVERSITY
Masterpiece Dinh O Dat NCHU The Impressive Scene from Qingjing Farm During Cherry Blossom Season
Masterpiece O Regmi NCHU Thousand-island Lake
Masterpiece O Natalia NCHU The Pathway at the National Center for Traditional Arts
Masterpiece O Luu O Thong NCHU The beauty of Penghu seascape
Masterpiece Nguyen O Hieu NCHU The Peaceful Beach with White Sand and Claim Water
Masterpiece O Emujin NCHU Nature reclaiming itself
Masterpiece O Sui O Rachel NCHU Encapsulating Taiwan's natural landscape in tea


Category: Short Video

Prize Name University Title
Gold Prize O Nguyen O Minh O NCHU Taiwan- Land of Beauty
Silver Prize O Mahmudah NCHU Taiwan : Where Our Heart Lives
Silver Prize O Rajapaksha O Janith O Wijesinghe NCHU Taiwan Attractions
Bronze Prize Achmad O Mabrur NCHU Time for Taiwan
Bronze Prize Mayumi O Mapatuna NCHU Unlocking Taiwan Travels: A Sneak Peek
Bronze Prize O Ranasinghe NCHU Exploration of Local Scenery TAIWAN 
Bronze Prize Jeevan O Shrestha NCHU Love Nature Water
Bronze Prize Ngo O Vi NFU Taiwan- A Beautiful Island
Masterpiece Hanson O Irawan NFU A story in Kaohsiung
Masterpiece O Regmi NCHU Hiking to Yangming Shan National Park
Masterpiece O Moirangthem NFU MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL IN TAIWAN 2023
Masterpiece O Luu O Thong NCHU Seasonal views of Taiwan with lush green landscape
Masterpiece O Munkhsoyol NCHU My Best Experience in Taiwan
Masterpiece Tran O Trang NCHU History, Beauty and Culture of Cat Village, Jiufen Old Street and Shifen Old Street
Masterpiece Luu O Nhien NCHU All Around Taiwan
Masterpiece O Chuanchai NCHU Explore with me
Masterpiece O Deniyage O Dhananjaya NCHU Unearthing the Beauty of Taiwan's Past
Masterpiece O Natalia NCHU Taiwan Tapestry


Category: Notebook Design

Prize Name University Title
Gold Prize Widya O Laksmawati NCHU my little book of big ideas
Silver Prize Nguyen O Hieu NCHU Yehliu Geopark with Various Unique Rock Shapes
Silver Prize O Natalia NCHU Taiwanese Landscape
Silver Prize Ngo O Vi NFU The Eye of Taiwan
Bronze Prize O Mahmudah NCHU Euphoric Seascapes
Bronze Prize O Ranasinghe NCHU Taiwan culture
Bronze Prize O Deniyage O Dhananjaya NCHU Beaty of Tainan
Bronze Prize Dinh O Dat NCHU The Combination of Sun and Moon in Nantou
Bronze Prize Mayumi O Mapatuna NCHU Collection
Masterpiece O Akram NCHU Beauty of Taiwan
Masterpiece O Newton-Wang NUU Miaoli Taiwan Bang-Dragon
Masterpiece Ta O Khiem NCHU Little Taiwan Rock in Qimei Island
Masterpiece O Thi O Xuyen NCHU The Most Beautiful Sunset in Taiwan
Masterpiece Jeevan O Shrestha NCHU Lakes in Taiwan
Masterpiece O Regmi NCHU Yehliu’s breathtaking landscape
Masterpiece O Nguyen O Minh O NCHU Memory
Masterpiece Hanson O Irawan NFU A sunny day in Kaohsiung
Masterpiece Airin O Rahmi NCHU Enchanting Sun Moon Lake
Masterpiece O Moirangthem NFU National Palace Museum Notebook 2023