【OIA】Travel Abroad Application

Dear all, 

As Taiwan's border has opened, you all will be starting travel. Although the quarantine(isolation) is not required when you enter Taiwan, we still need you to notify OIA before you travel[HERE]. This is because we need to acknowledge your safety and situation according to our supervisor. Especialy for students who got NCHU scholarship, it is a must to notify us about your travel. If you are failed to do so, we have the right to withdraw your scholarship.

1. Check the validity of your ARC before leaving, make sure your ARC won't expire while you're abroad.
2. Pay attention to the travel instruction announced by CDC.
3. Students who are doing the self-initiative epidemic prevention, only by receiving a negative test result may the individuals are allowed to go outside; yet they aren't allowed to go to crowded places, attend gatherings and dine in restaurants, etc.
4. Follow NCHU's Epidemic Prevent News
5. The Spring semester will start on Feb 13, 2023.

Enjoy your vacation 

Be Safe,