(OIA) The Global Tune Singing Contest

Enjoy singing?
Now, it’s time for you to show us your talent~
Proudly announcing The Global Tune Singing Contest 🎉🥳
Let's use our voices to express our feelings from the bottom of our hearts🎶🎶

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Important Dates
  • Sign-up period: 1st September 2022 to 30th September 2022.
  • Date of contest: 29th October 2022
Time and Venue
  • The contest will start at 11:00 a.m. The venue will be International Conference Hall(Room 105), 1st Floor, Building of the Humanities.

International students (including students from the Chinese Language center and inbound exchange students) currently enrolled in the National Chung Tshing University.

Competition Categories

We have opened for Individual Contest and Group Contest:

Individual Contest

  • NOT available for Taiwanese students
  • Participants’ quota: 20 persons

Group Contest

  • Minimum 2 persons are required in the participating team.
  • Taiwanese student(s) can be invited to join your team.
  • Participants’ quota: 10 groups
How to apply

Fill out our Sign-Up form before 5:00 p.m, 30th September 2022 or scan the QR code:


Individual Contest

  • Champion--NTD 5000
  • 1st Runner up--NTD 4000
  • 2nd Runner up--NTD 3000
  • The Greatest Potential Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000
  • The Best Tone Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000
  • The Most Courageous Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000

Group Contest

  • Champion--NTD 6000
  • 1st Runner up--NTD 5000
  • 2nd Runner up--NTD 4000
  • The Most Creative Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000
  • The Best Stage Charisma Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000

Special Awards

  • The Best Costumes Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000
  • The Most Popular Award--Vouchers that cost NTD 1000

 * All cash prize awards are before tax. The tax rate is 20% for those who have stayed in Taiwan for less than 183 days.

The General Terms and Regulations 
  1. No limitation for the language of the performing songs, but singing Chinese songs will be awarded 5 EXTRA marks if your mother tongue is not Chinese.
  2. The Time limitation for performing songs is 5 minutes.
  3. Performing songs are not allowed to change after signing up for the competition.
  4. Soundtracks submitted must not be included with vocal but accompaniment, must be self-prepared, and must be in MP3 format.
  5. Contestants are allowed to have accompaniment by themselves or with the help of others.
  6. The music instruments should be self-prepared and be mentioned when signing up for the competition.
  7. Marking standard: Vocal & Technique 40%, Expression 30%, Charisma 30%

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