【Notice No.47】From April 11th, if you feel unwell or receive related texts from CDC, please do not enter the campus.

Dear all,

Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, many universities postpone in-person classes and continue distance learning modalities.

To fight against the spread of the Omicron variant, the following rules are important:

  1. Wear masks
  2. Wash hands
  3. Reinforce self-assessment
  4. Reduce unnecessary travel
  5. Contact local healthcare providers right away if you have COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive
  6. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth
  7. Avoid poorly ventilated or crowed places
  8. Complete suspension of classes is not a preventative way at the present

Wearing masks properly is the most important of all, so please do not talk to others without a mask so as to slow the spread of the virus.

Teachers should decide how their course delivery models would be, be it online or in-person. Complete suspension of classes has limited impact on disease prevention, and it somehow gives rise to learning losses. Thus, if we hope to coexist with the virus, every single person should be highly aware of all precautionary measures, which is more crucial than a large-scale suspension.

Lastly, once you feel unwell or receive text messages from CDC, please go straight to the hospital and get a PCR test/ or by a commercial screening test for COVID-19 antigen ( ps: not for antibody test), and do not enter the campus. If you are tested positive, please report to the Office of Student Affairs right away (04-22870885).



Source: Dr. Chao-Chin Chang, Distinguished Professor from the Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health, NCHU

Edited and translated: Ms. Jennifer Chen, Office of International Affairs