【Notice No.44】Nationwide Epidemic Alert to Remain at Level 2 from January 9 to January 24


Adjustments and related regulations are listed below: 

A.  Mask rules are tightened; masks are REQUIRED when ones are outside except for some exceptions.
(a)  Masks are now REQUIRED when exercising, singing, taking photos, livestreaming, filming, moderating an event, reporting news, delivering remarks, giving a speech, lecturing, or during activities or events involving conversations with others.

(b)  Commercial business venues and public venue (including public transportation) must comply with: Contact information registration, temperature measurement, reinforcement of environmental disinfection, health management among staff members, and timely responses to the occurrence of confirmed cases.

(c)   Crowd control at stores, supermarkets, and markets: a distance of at least 1.5 meters per person (2.25 square meters per person) is required indoors and a distance of at least 1 meter per person (1 square meter per person) is required outdoors; free food samples are not allowed.

(d)  Dining venues should: implement contact information registration, take temperatures, provide handwashing and disinfection equipment; toasting each table is not allowed at banquets.


Source: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

Translated by Office of International Affairs, NCHU