【Notice No.41】
Correct Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021.11.03

Duration:Nov 2nd-Nov 15th


1.The school will be open from now on. Visitors entering the campus must complete real-name registration. 
2.Activities/ Gatherings:

(1) Implement real-name registration. Keep wearing face masks. Sanitize your hands. 

3. Unless an exception applies (as below), real-name registration and temperature measurement must be strictly implemented. No eating and drinking during classes.  

(1) Individual may remove their masks as long as they show no sign of illness and stay physically distant from others when engaging in activities like indoor/ outdoor exercises, individual/group photo shooting, lectures and speeches delivery.  
(2) As long as social distance is kept or proper partitions are used, lecturers may take off their mask during classes, yet they should wear masks before and after lectures. Students should wear masks during the whole lectures, and clean their hands properly. 
(3) Individual may temporarily take off their masks when dining while avoid talking, maintain social distance, and use partitions.


1. Sport Venues:
(1) Venues will open in accordance to the Management Guide of Sports Facilities. Real-name registration will be conducted. 
(2) You may remove your mask when exercising, but wear it on afterwards. 
(3) Random inspections will be conducted. 
(4) Swimming pool: Open in accordance with the guidelines of the outsourcing company's announcement and regulations.

2. Library:



Sat & Sun

1st-6th floors

08 :00-22:00

09 :00-17:00

Individual Study Room

08 :00-24:00


Learning Commons

08 :30-21:30


Multimedia Center

10 :00-21:00

1 0:00-17:00

Special Collections Room

Tue & Thu



Li Ang Museum




* We will be closed for national holidays.

*Reservation should be made before visiting. The maximum number of people is 15/per group. For further inquiries, please contact (04)2284-0708 #109.


* Out-of-service area: University Archives (Open from Nov 8th), Restroom on the east side on the 1st floor.

3. Cafeteria: 
(1) Dine-in services shall follow the regulations announced by Ministry of Health and Welfare and CECC (Central Epidemic Command Center).
(2) The 1st and 2nd floor of the restaurant will continue using partition, and partition-free area will be arranged 
(3) New temperature sensors will be set up in the north side of the restaurant to strictly implement temperature measurement and real-name registration; meanwhile, another side entrance will be added.


1. Due to the delayed College Entrance Examination, the next semester (Fall 2021) is adjusted to start on September 15th, 2021. The final term exam is adjusted to be held from January 12th to 18th, 2022. Updated semester calendar: http://nchu.cc/6Qt46
2. Starting from November 2nd, 80-people-indoors restriction is cancelled, yet fixed-seat arrangement and real-name registration will still be implemented. 

Club Activities:

1. Division of Extra-Curricular Activities:

(1) Yun Ping Building:OPEN. 
(2) Hui-Sun Memorial Hall South and North (Basement): CLOSED. 
(3) Small Auditorium:CLOSED. 
(4) Restaurant 3F:OPEN. 
(5) Yi-Ching Hall:OPEN. 

★Opening hour:08:00-22:00 (Mon-Sun) 

2. Club offices opening time:08:00-22:00 (Mon-Sun)



Source: NCHU Health and Counceling Center

Translate by Office of International Affairs, NCHU