【Notice No.16】NCHU Subsidies International Students with Emergency Relief Allowance due to COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention




International students who are quarantined in hotel mandatorily due to the Covid-19 pandemic may apply for the NCHU Emergency Relief Allowance if they are in urgent financial difficulties.


1. Eligibilities:

a. International Students of NCHU.

b. The student did not violate the regulations while in the quarantine and has been classified as a "home isolation" individual by the local Health Bureau or by NCHU will be partially subsidized for the accommodation expenses incurred.


2. Required Documents:

a. Home quarantine notification.

b. Receipt of quarantine hotel.

c. “Emergency Relief Allowance” Application form.


3. Subsidy:

30,000 NTD (at maximum).


4.How to Apply:

Applications can be filed to the Office of International Affairs if you meet the abovementioned eligibility requirements.


5. Duration:

The policy takes effect from June 09, 2021 until August 31, 2021.