Presenting the Third Biannual Issue of NCHU ARCH Magazine





Source: Distinguished Professor Chia-Lin Chang, Vice-President for International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of NCHU ARCH’s third issue in January 2022. As with the first two publications in the series, this issue draws on our three major commitments—to ensure academic continuity, increase international visibility, and strengthen international exchanges. These are illustrated through a selection of projects falling under the themes of Ascension, Research, Collaboration and Harness. 

Under the first theme Ascension, we highlight the National University System of Taiwan (NUST) and introduce the “International Circulation Project”, which integrates a pooling of resources from eleven member universities to strengthen group recognition and support for the International Volunteering service.

Research introduces Professor Chuan-Mu Chen and his international research team from Canada, China, and Germany and their outstanding research on the embryonic jawbones of an early sauropodomorph dinosaur (Lufengosaurus) was published in Nature Communications.

Collaboration focuses on nanotechnology for improving the delivery efficiency of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing system to target cells, and potential solutions to the clinical treatment of patients with genetic disease. The successful translational collaboration was led by Professor Chin-Fa Lee from the Department of Chemistry.

Harness introduces interdisciplinary agricultural education: IMPA (International Master Program of Agriculture) and IBPA (International Bachelor Program of Agribusiness). Full English-taught courses are provided, enabling students to enhance their awareness of global affairs and strengthen their skills in international engagement.

On the final page, we present the NCHU Art gallery's collection, guiding you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of traditional Taiwanese handicrafts as exhibited in the ceramics and bamboo crafts.

I would like to express my gratitude to each photographer whose contributions help to enhance the quality of NCHU ARCH and also to Siuo-Ling Cheng (Julia), Yu-Chun Liao (Claire), Yu-Ying Chen (Jennifer), Pin-Tzu Huang (Paci), and Ching-Yang Shiang (Ava) who have contributed significant efforts over an extended period in helping to develop the third issue.

Due to COVID-19, many countries have decided to control overseas mail entry. Considering the difficulties associated with mail and transport during the ongoing pandemic, as well as trying to reduce carbon footprint, ARCH magazine has simultaneously issued an online version for our overseas sister schools and alumni.

Full magazine can be accessed by scanning the QR code.