CRDF GLOBAL WEBINAR SERIES "APEC Women in STEM Principles and Actions"

Women’s representation among science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduates in the Asia- Pacific region is well below 50 percent and as low as 13 percent in some of the 21 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies. Many barriers inhibit women’s ability to participate as innovators in the knowledge economy and compete on a global scale. Oftentimes core scientific values of merit-based competition, transparency, and openness are violated when women are excluded from STEM opportunities. Through APEC, in 2019 the United States led the development and finalization of the APEC Women in STEM Principles and Actions. These Principles and Actions brought together public and private sectors from across STEM fields and APEC economies to acknowledge and amplify the challenges women in STEM face and how those challenges are keeping APEC economies from reaching their full economic potential.

Topic and Time:
   1. July 27, 2022 "The Importance of Representation of Women in STEM"
   2. October 26, 2022 "Overcoming Barriers for Women in STEM"

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