Montpellier SupAgro-FLOW Spring course


This 4-week Program (May 23- June 17, 2022) is dedicated to the study of Grand Industrial Challenges in France in three major scientific areas: Food, Wine and Water (FEAT track), Sustainable Energy & Materials (SEM track), and Data & Information Processing (DIP track) 
With renewed optimism, and confident that the pandemic will abate in the near future, we are forging ahead and planning to maintain FLOW as an in-person program in Montpellier. We encourage your students to show their interest by pre-registering before March 6th, 2022. Please note that there are no Pre-registration Fees, and registered students will be able to cancel their participation at no charge in case of health restrictions.

FLOW offers 64 class hours of scientific lectures and projects related to several Engineering challenges in the fields of Food, Wine & Water science, of Sustainable Energy & Materials or of Data and Information Processing.

In parallel with these scientific courses, the program also provides a general presentation of France and, specifically, a full immersion into the culturally and historically-rich Occitanie Region, with visits of its emblematic places of interest. Over a period of 4 weeks, in small teams, Students will learn the basics of French vocabulary (gastronomy and culture).

They will also be given the opportunity to collaborate on a cross-disciplinary project to engage in Sustainability. The objective of this project is to allow Students to experience cross-cultural collaboration on a range of scientific disciplines related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Course Details:
Information of Fees:
  • Students from Partner Universities: 1,600€ (regular fees: 3,200€)
  • Fees include: Accommodation and meals (family homes) / Transfers and local transportation passes / Scientific lectures and activities (64 class hours, 7 ECTS) / Cross-disciplinary project on Sustainability (12 class hours, 1 ECTS) / French courses and sociocultural activities (24 class hours, 2 ECTS)