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The 110-2 PhD Program "8008 Introduction to STS and Cultural Studies" is Held By NCHU the International PhD Program in Taiwan and Transcultural Studies. 

Program Introduction:

This seminar course is intended as an interdisciplinary introduction to two new developed fields in humanities: studies of the body in STS, and Cultural Studies. In the first part, we will study writings that deal with the body in history, literature, anthropology and STS, as well as in the scientific and medical knowledge. Besides, this part will introduce some important elements for our understanding of modern bodies and, by doing so, invites students to review the formation of the very unique bodily experience in Taiwan. The second part deals with various topics of Cultural Studies and Critical theory, such as representation, identification, historiography, etc. We will also come to terms with concepts of cultural materialism, modernity, (post-)colonialism, performativity, etc.

This course's objectives are including the introductions to students for critical topics of humanistic scholarly discourse, science and technology studies (STS), and the place of the body in contemporary cultural studies; to familiarize students with social constructivism; to allow students to read and respond to works of scholarly research, discussing them in writing and discussion; and for students to carry out research to complete their own term paper.