National Cheng Kung University

2021 International Higher Education Symposium: Leading Strategies for Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic Era

Interdisciplinary and cross-regional learning has gradually become the mainstream of future education.
The 2021 International Higher Education Symposium will explore this educational transformation through the three dimensions of “Future Talents,” “Innovative Learning,” and “Educational Breakthroughs.” 
The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) strives to take a leading role in Taiwan’s higher education sector, and will host the 2021 International Higher Education Symposium at the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel on December 7th, 2021.
We invite representatives from top universities and industries to discuss the visions and challenges facing the higher education sector in the post-pandemic era, centering on the following three themes:
1. Global Trends – The New Paradigm of Future Talents: A Memorandum for the Next Generation will be presented.
2. Interdisciplinary Learning – Breaking Existing Boundaries and Structures: Innovative digital online learning will be reviewed.
3. Strategic Breakthrough – Female Leadership: The creation of new female leadership paradigms in the post-pandemic era will be discussed.

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