【Forwarded】2021 NCHU International Students' Agriculture Career Exploration

Established: 26 Jan, 2021


Organizer:NCHU Agricultural Extension Center, AEC


Date:3.6.2021- 4.11. 2021 (Total:10 days)


Location:Taichung、Changhua and Nantou


Objective:Explore future career opportunities in agriculture through farm visiting.

Gains hands-on experience in agriculture production and local culture.


Cost:We provide insurance coverage during the program. Transportation and meals are not included.

Number of students: 10



1. All international students with current registration at NCHU.

2.Priority is given to nationality from  Australia、Bangladesh、Bhutan、Brunei、

Cambodia、India、Indonesia、Laos、Malaysia、Myanmar、Nepal、New Zealand、Pakistan、Philippines、Singapore、Sri Lanka、Thailand、Vietnam.

Stipend: NTD$3000



1. Attend all 10 days.

2. Submit 2 weekly work reports.

3. Submit an A1 size poster for sharing  forum.


Application deadline: 2.17.2021


IF you decide to join the program, please fill in the following application form and email it to Mr. Tai (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


application form and itinerary