【OIA】Travel Abroad Application

Dear all, 

Student who plan to travel abroad this year, though not recommended during the pandemic period, please submit the "Travel Abroad Declaration and Application Form" and other required documents shown below to OIA. Please note that an arrival should observe the rule of one person per residence in his or her quarantine location or stay in a quarantine hotel; in principle, the arrival should undergo the three-day quarantine and four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention in the same location, in total 8 nights. (Reference hotel price in Taichung: TWD2000 - 3200 per night with meals)

Application procedure: 

1. Download and complete the Travel Abroad Declaration and Application Form( doc | pdf )
2. Update all documents: Application Form, Round Way ticket and Hotel Booking Confirmations to Here 
3. Optional: Home quarantine applicants will need upload an agreement letter from the landlord

1. Dorm residents will need to fulfil a total of 8 nights at hotels. 
2. Check the validity of your ARC before leaving, make sure your ARC won't expire while you're abroad.
3. Pay attention to the travel instruction announced by CDC. 
4. Students who are doing the self-initiative epidemic prevention, only by receiving a negative test result may the individuals are allowed to go outside; yet they aren't allowed to go to crowded places, attend gatherings and dine in restaurants, etc.
5. Follow NCHU's Epidemic Prevent News
6. The Fall semester will start on Sep 5, 2022